Woh To Hai Albela 3rd March 2023 Written Update: Rashmi begs for forgiveness from Sayuri.


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The episode starts with Sayuri saying Kanha that it might be her hallucination and apologizes for troubling them. She decides to go down. Rashmi says that Sayuri might not be in a state to not come down and prefers to take food to her upstairs. Saroj agrees with her and asks her to take food for Sayuri while calling Kanha down for breakfast. Rashmi leaves taking her food. She finds Kanha and Sayuri romancing and gets irked. She comes there and enquires about Sayuri’s health. Sayuri answers grudging that she’s fine. Rashmi says that she brought her good but Sayuri says that she’ll have it with everyone else and goes down with Kanha. Rashmi gets irked again.

Sayuri greets everyone and apologizes them for making them worried last night. Dhanraj says it’s fine and asks her to not fear anymore. Sayuri makes Indrani and Saroj sit forcibly and starts serving everyone despite Saroj saying that she’ll have later. Dhanraj says Sayuri that he misses her handmade tea a lot and Sayuri says that she’ll make it in the evening with hot pakoras with chutney. Dadu couldn’t wait to taste it when Dadi Mausi warns him about diabetes. Dadu says that he doesn’t want sugar in tea as Sayuri’s handmade tea has natural sweetness. Everyone smiles hearing it.

Sayuri is playing with Kuku and Mithu. Nakul and Kanha see her happiness and wishes that it doesn’t disappear anymore. Nakul suggest to go to office and Kanha says that he would accompany him in next two or three days. He apologizes him for not behaving well with him for the past few months. He says that he himself was in a state of confusion that he couldn’t understand what’s right and what’s wrong. Nakul says it’s fine and Kanha says that he’s lucky to have such a loving brother. Nakul hugs him and they express their love for each other. Rashmi sees it and and is scared that all her hardwork is going in vain.

She says that she needs to do something and decides to first stop Sayuri from revealing the truth to the family. She gets an idea and comes back with her baby to Sayuri. She puts up an act like she’s there to ask her forgiveness not for herself but her baby. She says that she made a big mistake but was in guilt about the same. She says that she wanted to confess the truth to the family and that’s when she got pregnant with Arjun. She says that after that she couldn’t have the courage to confess the truth. She pleads her to not say the truth to anyone or else she would be thrown out of the house. She falls on Sayuri’s fear to not separate her from her child.

Saroj calls Kanha and asks him to listen to her. Kanha says that he doesn’t want to as he’s now happy with his child and Sayuri. Saroj asks if he’s sure that the baby is his shocking Kanha. Sayuri takes Arjun from Rashmi’s hands and agrees to keep her actions from family. Rashmi gets happy and is about to hug her when Sayuri makes it clear that she’s not forgiving her but is Just hiding the truth as she don’t want a mother to be separated from her child as she knew the pain.

However she warns her that she would be having a close watch on her to protect her family from her while Rashmi looks furiously at her. Kanha is speechless with Saroj’s questions and asks how could she say something like that. Saroj says it might hurt him but asks him to think from society’s point of view. Kanha is not ready to do it but Saroj insists him to get a DNA test done for him and Mittu. Kanha refuses a d gets shocked seeing Sayuri who listened to their talks.

Precap: Kanha will say sorry to Sayuri on behalf of his mother but Sayuri will say that it’s not her fault. Indu will confront Saroj for thinking this way about a girl when being a woman herself. Saroj will say that she just wants her son’s happiness. Nakul will assure Kanha that Sayuri will win this fight too but Rashmi will challenge in mind to not let her win.

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