Teri Meri Doriyaann 3rd March 2023 Written Update: Santosh pleads Angad


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The episode starts with Sahiba saying the truth to the Brar’s about their family situation. Manveer asks Sahiba then what about the house they went to to confirm the relation. Sahiba asks Santosh how can she lie to the Brar’s about their family situation? Santosh asks Sahiba to just shut up. Sahiba comments on it and says to the Brar’s that it is Sudha Ji’s house and not theirs. Sahiba apologises to the Brar’s for whatever Santosh lies she told the Brar’s. Angad asks Sahiba if they know the meaning of sorry. Angad says he is going to send them to jail. Sahiba agrees and says they should go to jail. Sahiba asks Angad if she should call the police.

Sona the reporter telecasts news that in the Brar family marriage, Seerat Kaur Monga eloped with someone, and Sahiba Seerat’s sister dressed as the bride to save the family’s reputation.

Garry sees the news on his phone. Seerat gets angry at Garry as he is not looking at her and instead thinking of his work. Garry apologises to Seerat and asks Seerat what does she want? Seerat says to Garry that they have to make this day special as they are going to start their new journey from today. Garry asks Seerat to close her eyes and gives her a diamond necklace as a gift. Seerat gets surprised to see this.

Jabjyot asks Santosh if she doesn’t have any shame to deceive them like this. Santosh asks Jabjyot to give her a chance to explain the Brar. Sahiba and Ajith say no as she will only tell lie to them. Sahiba tells the Brar family from where all this drama started. Jabjyot loses her consciousness. Akaal and Hansraj catch Jabjyot. Sudha argues with Santosh for her lies and cuts off her relationship with Santosh. Inder also blames Manveer for getting and hurrying the marriage. Manveer agrees and says she is at fault.

Veer says to Angad that the news has gone viral that the bride has been replaced. Jaspal thinks the reputation has gone down the drain.

Angad says he understood everything and blames Sahiba as the whole mastermind behind this plan. Sahiba tries to explain to Angad that Santosh lied to their family and Seerat betrayed him and she is only part of this drama. Angad reminds Sahiba that she once challenged him that she will take revenge for the humiliation and now they are in this position. Sahiba gets fed up with Angad and tells him to stop and says he can’t blame her for things she didn’t do. Angad says he will make sure that they go to jail. Sahiba decides to call the police herself. Santosh takes the phone and asks Sahiba not to call the police. Santosh argues with Sahiba for a while and says to Angad that it is her fault and asks Angad not to send Sahiba to jail for her mistake and asks Angad to marry Sahiba. Ajith and Kirat ask Santosh to stop trying to marry Sahiba to Angad. Santosh reminds them that the media has already seen Sahiba in the bride’s dress and nobody will marry Sahiba because of it. Santosh pleads with Angad to marry Santosh. Sahiba says no to it. Santosh says it is her responsibility to convince Sahiba and ask Angad to just say yes to the marriage. Angad says he is not interested in this drama. Sahiba also asks Santosh to stop as they are already humiliated a lot. Santosh says to Sahiba if she doesn’t do this marriage then she has to suffer her whole life.

Episode ends

Precap – Akaal says to Angad that no matter where he sends Sahiba as their family reputation has already gone down. Angad says he is also not understanding what to do right now. Akaal asks Angad to marry Sahiba. Angad gets shocked hearing this.

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