Woh Toh Hai Albela Upcoming Story: Chaman pleads to take refugee at Kanha’s place.


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Star Bharat’s popular show Woh Toh hai Albela starring Shaheer Sheikh and Hiba Nawab currently focuses on Sayuri’s return to Chaudhary mansion.

Previously we have seen that, Rashmi pleads innocence in front of Nakul when Sayuri asks her to shut up. She reveals in front of everyone that her falling from the cliff is not an accident and someone has pushed her off the cliff. She reveals that the person is Rashmi.

Everyone were shocked to hear it while Rashmi accepts her mistake. However, she says that this time she didn’t do anything but none trusts her. Kanha and Nakul expressed their hate towards her while Indu slaps her hard for her son. Police comes to arrest Ravi and Sayuri handed over Rashmi to them too.

Rashmi pleaded innocence but none believed her. She gets dragged away. Nakul Apologizes Sayuri while Indu is ashamed of her upbringing. It’s revealed that it was all Dadi Mausi and Saroj’s plan to trap both Sayuri and Rashmi. All the evidence is against Rashmi.

Sayuri tells Kanha that he handled himself but is worried about Nakul . Kanha agrees with her when the servant informs them that Nakul angrily went out. Saroj asks Dadi Mausi if they are putting their children in pain in the context of punishing Sayuri and Rashmi.

Sayuri and Kusum come there. Thankfully they didn’t hear Saroj’s words. Nakul walks on road drunk and fights with the people who tries recording him. Kanha and Yash save him and bring him back home. Sayuri and Kanha decides to themselves go to finalise a deal which was originally to be done by Nakul.

They decide to give him some rest. A new girl who turns out to be a notorious bandit Chaman Bahaar makes her entry. She kills people easily for her motive. Kanha and Sayuri got caught by Chaman Bahaar’s men. Rashmi was scared to be in the jail and called Nakul tjere to explain herself. However Nakul showed no empathy towards her as he finally realised all her games to keep him away from Kanha.

Kanha and Sayuri were taken to Chaman Bahaar who was dressed up as an old lady and the people called her their leader. Chaman pretends to be an old lady as she has her own plan in mind. Nakul refused to pay any heed to Rashmi’s pleadings and Rashmi decided to take the wrong route again.

Once Kanha and Sayuri left Chaman removed her get up but was surrounded by bandits. Chaman in her real self stop Kanha’s car asking for help to save her from goons. Kanha and Sayuri tried to help her but the goons attack them. Kanha fights with the goons.

In the future episodes we will witness, Kanha and Sayuri will be shocked to find Chaman hiding at the back of their car. Chaman will plead to let her hide in their place for two to three days.

Will Saroj and Dadi Mausi get caught?

Will the DNA reports turn in favour of Sayuri? Will Rashmi gets punished?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

Stay tuned for more space.