Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 17th September 2022 Written Update: Groom’s family left angry with Kanha’s words.

Wo Toh Hai Albela

Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 17th September 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Dhanraj handling the situation. Saroj sends Rashmi to get Kusum ready. Saroj fights with Kanha for not pickin up the call which is why Saroj had ti her embarrassed in front of the guests. Kanga asks her to let it go as they were not aware of the situation. Kusum is worried about how to handle everything as she just enrolled in college. Rashmi taunts Sayuri for the situation. Kusum shuts Rashmi warning her to not say abut against his brother or sister in law as it was her who wanted to get enrolled in college. Rashmi shuts her mouth.

Kanha and Sayuri greets the guests and suggests to serve them her special food. They praise Sayuri’s beauty and wishes Kusum is as beautiful as Sayuri. Kanha says that beauty cannot be classified and says Kusum is really beautiful by heart. Sayuri agrees with him and says that she is much more elegant and hardworking than her. Kanha speaks rudely for their thoughts and Dhanraj agrees with him. They say that he misunderstood their context while Saroj gets worried. Kusum comes there and Groom’s family asks about her admission. Kusum says that she couldn’t complete her studies and so wanted to do it now.

The groom’s family praises her thoughts bit also says Thad she would hardly get time to study. They say that theirs is a very big family and she would be held up in taking care of them and then later on net kids. Saroj agrees with her while others gets shocked. Kanha says that what’s wrong with Saroj. Nakul also says the same to Rashmi but Rashmi asks him to have trust on Saroj’s selection. Kanha asks Where’s his son Rishi. They say that he’s in USA and Nakul and Kanha jokes that Kusum will fly to USA after marriage. The groom’s family will say that she won’t go anywhere as she’ll stay with them shocking them.

Kanha asks how’s it possible and they say that he would come for holidays every year while Kusum would take care of the household. Kanha says that how would they understand each other without spending time with each other. Groom’s family says that it’s very common in Manu when Kanha taunts that they should’ve looked for a servant and not daughter in law. They say that isn’t it bahu’s responsibility to take care household work.

Kanha says even Sayuri works outside but also take care of household work bu choice but not by force. They get offended and leaves angrily. Saroj goes at the back of them. Sayuri asks Kusum to decide what she wants and not go by other’s choice as its her life. Rashmi asks Sayuri to not manipulate Kusum but Kanha gives it back to her. Saroj comes back and lashes out at Kanha and Sayuri.

Precap : Saroj will warn Sayuri to not influence her daughter just like she did with her son. Sayuri will say that she decided that she will not stop nor will let Kusum stop from achieving her goal.

The episode starts with Saroj giving explanation for choosing Rashmi over Sayuri for housework. Kanha who witnessed it all came to Sayuri and told that her business idea has gained them crore and gave all the credits to her. The guests praised Sayuri and says Saroj that she was lucky yo hand sick good daughters in law. Kanha says be the to work or house hold works while yurt. Saroj is angry about what Kanha did. A servant came and informed Saroj about groom’s family there to see Kusum.

Saroj hurriedly comes to them and meets with them. She praises Kusum and asks Rashmi to bring Kusum. Kusum is with Sayuri and Kanha for Kusum’s admission and is very excited for her admission. Saroj comes to Rashmi who says that Kusum is not at home and has gone for college admission. Saroj says that she would never forgive Sayuri if the alliance gets cancelled. Kusum gets Saroj’s call but Kanha asks her to not pickup. He knew that she would make issue. Kusum falls down and gets hurt and they all go to spend some time together.

Nakul and Rashmi tried calling Kusum but in vain. Rashmi blamed Sayuri for the mess. Saroj lies to the guests that Kusum has gone to parlour and will be on her way. Sayuri, Kanha and Kusum were chit chatting on their way home. Guests gets irritated that Kusum is taking time to come despite knowing that they are waiting. Saroj had no answers. That’s when Kanha, Sayuri and Kusum enters smiling and gets shocked seeing guests. Kanha reveals the truth that they went for Kusum’s admission and didn’t knew about their arrival. He apologizes to them. Guests asks Saroj that she lied that her daughter went for parlour but Kanha is saying another story. Saroj gets embarrassed.

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