Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 28th June 2022 Written Update: Sayuri is adamant


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The episode starts with Sayuri asks the robbers not to come near her. They tells her even they are not interested in her but her jewels. They demands her to give it to them. Krishna shouts for Sayuri there she hears his voice. Robber notices that she is wearing nuptial chain and ask her Is she thinking her husband will come and save her. They don’t have enough time to waste on her and threatened her to remove her nuptial chain too. Sayuri reminds her wedding and tells them she won’t give it.

They can take anything from her but not this. Robber pushes her down. She takes the sticks and starts defend herself from them. Krishna hears her voice and rushes near her. Robber about to stab Sayuri but Krishna stops him. He fights with the robbers there. He touches her lips and finds its bleeding.

Dadi asks Indrani to stop worrying. Krishna and Sayuri are together even god is with them so nothing will happen to them. Parents prayers will bless them and nothing wrong will happen to them. Krishna asks Sayuri whom beats her she points the person whom about to hurt her with knife.

Krishna starts showing hell to him. Sayuri swears on her to stop beating him. He stops it and makes sure she is fine. She enquired her where is her jewels? She informs to him they snatched it from her. Later Sayuri scolds Krishna for showed his heroism to them in anger. He asks her how dare them to touch her?

She removes handkerchief from his pocket he asks her what’s she doing? He teases her that wife tears their sarie edge first aid on wound. She complaints that her designer sarie will create more wound to him. Both ends up into an arguments like a kid. Krishna asks her why don’t she give her nuptial chain to them instead of this all. She complaints that she wore it on her wedding day.

Next day Saroj doing pooja to god. Danraj gets a phone call. He informs to his family that their car met with accident but seems they are not hurt. They might stuck into jungle. Saroj worries for them.

Later Krishna shares to Sayuri sun raised though there is no sign of him. Sayuri says to him she feels like sleeping. Both plays a word game she shares to him about her passion. She adds that life is so unpredictable her dad left her at least she wanna fulfull his dream. Krishna motivates her to pursue her dream. She mocks him why did he motivating her out of the blue. She asks him why did he sacrificed his dream for them? Sayuri notices the temple there and gets happy.

Both prays there. Krishna gets a clue and tells her road is near by and found it. She thinks why did he find out asap. She disappointed seeing his excitement. She thinks why did he get excitement to find a way. They waits for lift. Anjali comes there and pretends like she cares for Krishna and shares to Indrani that she enquired to many person about him. Finally they gets a lift that girl flirting with Krishna makes Sayuri anger.

Episode end

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