Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 2nd August 2022 Written Update: Anjali provokes Saroj.


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The episode starts with Anjali saying that she won’t leave Kanha no matter what. She says that if there’s someone who need to go away from him then it has to be Sayuri. She apologizes Sayuri saying that she has nothing against her but she needs to go against Kanha. Sayuri wonders Where’s Kanha and recalls Kanha saying that he will be waiting for her. She sits down when Kanha comes there and asks her to leave.

Sayuri leaves with him. Saroj is thinking about Anjali’s behaviour when Dhanraj comes there. He asks whether she’s behind Anjali’s actions for which Saroj says that Anjali is not a kid and leaves from there. Dhanraj thinks that as much as he’s angry at her he’s feeling bad for her and wishes that she soon realizes Sayuri’s value.

Sayuri and Kanha are in car when Kanha confesses his love. Sayuri stops him in the middle and asks Where’s he going and Kanha jokes with her that he is kidnapping her. He plays a song in car and Kanha enjoys it. Anjali speaks with Kanha’s picture and says they look so pretty together.

She says that she accepted him as her husband and nothing can change the truth. She says she will get whatever she wants and calls him the best in the world. She confesses her love to Kanha. She takes a lipstick and writes on mirror and makes a plan. She says that Saroj has promised her to get her married to him but is not doing anything for it. She decides to make her remind her of her promise.

Kanha takes Sayuri to temple and takes her inside with him. Indrani is looking at Sayuri and Kanha’s picture when Nani comes there. Indrani says that Sayuri and Kanha can start their life only after Saroj blesses them. Anjali comes to depressed Saroj and apologizes her for her behaviour earlier and cries. Sayuri asks who’s hie best friend there and why did he bring her there. Kanha says no one knows about love more than Radha Krishna. Sayuri compels him to go back and scolds him for not caring about her feelings.

Anjali pleads Saroj to not send her out of the house. Kusum says it’s not a big deal and Saroj consoles her. Anjali fills her mind against Sayuri saying that she would take Kanha from both her and Saroj.

Kanha forcefully drags Sayuri’s hand and keeps it on God’s feet. He asks her to say the truth promising on God while Sayuri looks shocked. Anjali says she hates Sayuri and Saroj says she does too. She says that she needs to keep her away and asks Saroj to not let her leave the house when if her parents wants her to. Saroj agrees and Anjali hugs her saying that she would correct things for sure.

Kanha forces Sayuri to say the truth and atleast say that she doesn’t love him. Sayuri struggles to take her hand out and Kanha promises Sayuri that if she promises that she don’t love him then she would never come back to her and will never show his face to her. He says that there was love in her which got exposed many a times and asks her to say the truth. He speaks emotionally and forces her to confess the truth.

Precap : Sayuri will lash out at Kanha to not kill her the same way he did with Chirag. Chirag will say Saroj that one can’t be happy making others sad. Kanha will ask Sayuri to say one last time what is in her mind.

The episode starts with the ladies praising Kanha and self pitying themselves for not having husband like Kanha. Sayuri feels bad and agrees to get on bike with Kanha. Anjali request Saroj to get her married to Kanha as soon as possible.

She says that then her father will be happy and won’t think of anything against the family. Nakul recalls Anjali’s words and decides to not let her intention succeed. Anjali asks Saroj ti get her married to Kanha and Saroj promises the same. Anjali thanks her a lot.

Kanha says to Sayuri that he teapoy loves her a lot. Anjali proposes to cook for Kanha and asks what he likes for which Saroj says that he likes only Indian food. She’s about to say that he likes the food made by her only but Anjali says he would forget about her food from today and will daily have food from her hands. She starts chopping the vegetables while Saroj and Kusum were stunned by her behaviour. Sayuri comes to college and writes something on board.

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