Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 6th October 2022 Written Update: Saroj slaps Rashmi for her carelessness.

Wo Toh Hai Albela

Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 6th October 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Saroj and others getting shocked seeing Sayuri. She furiously searches for Rashmi. Kanha and Sayuri tries stopping her but in vain. Rashmi comes rushing there when Saroj immediately slaps her out for her carelessness in kitchen. She says that because of her carelessness a very big accident could’ve happened in the house with everyone’s life in danger.

Rashmi looked on with teary eyes while Saroj continues lashing out at her. I seamless also supports Saroj and blames Rashmi for the mishap. Kanha tries explaining that it was a mistake but none listened to him. Rashi runs away to her home and falls on bed crying. She blames Sayuri for her condition as always.

Nakul comes forward and calls out his mother for over reacting. He says that it’s true that Rashmi made a mistake but says that she went over board by slapping her. Dadi supports Saroj but Nakul says he was also in kitchen at that time and it was equally fault too. Dadi tries to say against but Kanha supports Nakul. Hep says that they shouldn’t have slapped Rashmi. He asks her to pacify but Saroj didn’t listen. Nakul come to Sayuri crying and hugs him. He puts the blame on him himself. Sayuri asks him not to but Nakul says that he’s the one responsible for Rashmi’s mistake. Says that uri says she knew very well it’s no one’s fault. Nakul thanks her for understanding.

Saroj it s still angry when Dadi Mausi comforts her. She says that she did right and asks her not to feel bad. Saroj is extremely upset but Dadi Mausi encouraged her to raise back to look after her home condition. She asks her to stop Kusum from getting brainwashed by Sayuri and Kanha and asks her yo let her focus on her marriage. Nakul, Sayuri and Kanha comes to comfort Rashmi only to find everyone knocking the door from outside. They all knock but Rashmu doesn’t open the door.

Kanha barges in with a different attire and Rashmi gets scared and rushes to hug Sayuri in fear. Sayuri comforts her and Kanha reveals himself. They all dance and rejoice to lift her mood. Rashmi gets a little normal and Nakul verdure it for Sayuri. Rashmi gets jealous again and will push her. She says that it’s because of her she’s facing all the humiliation shocking everyone.

Precap : Rashmi will say that she became pregnant and has made her life a living hell. Kanha will ask Sayuri ti stop as its getting a little above the line. Rashmi says that it’s not little but very much above the line. A new guy makes his entry.

The episode starts with Dadi urging Kanha and Sayuri to get ready for the pooja. Kanha tries ti say against it but Dadi Mausi forces them. Sayuri stops him and leaves to room to get ready. Sayuri convinces Kanha and they come down and asks for Rashmi. Dadi Mausi says that she sent they her out for some Work. She asks about Kusum and Kanha and Sayuri says that she wen out with Rishi.

Dadi Mausi again scolds them for sending them alone. She asks them to sit down pooja while the remaining will join when they come. Sayuri and Kanha sit down for pooja and pray for their child’s health and happiness. Rashmi comes there after completing her work. Dadi scolds her seeing her dirty clothes and asks her to change and come. Rashmi leaves to change.

After Pooja, Sayuri distributes Prasad to everyone. Suddenly Rishi forwards his hand for pooja and they gets surprised seeing him. He acts very obedient in front of Dadi and Saroj. They gets impressed by him when Kusum comes there with a tensed face. They asks what happened but Kusum doesn’t answer. Kaha gets doubtful as he watches Kusum and Rishi arguing over phone despite being very close to each other. He felt something wrong and shared it with Saroj. Sayuri also agrees with him but both Dadi Mausi and Saroj scolded them for saying bad things about Rishi and his family. They say that Dadi Mausi knows Rishi’s family for long and shuts them. Kanha’s and Sayuri felt helpless.

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