Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th March 2023 Written Update: Samrat celebrates holi with Nayantara


Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th March 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Prem tells Samrat that Nayantara won’t let him apply colour on her face because she is angry at him. Samrat challenges him that he will apply colour on Nayantara’s face and leaves from there. On the other hand, Malati tells Nayantara that arrangements are really good. Ishani wishes happy holi to Nayantara. She is about to apply colour on Nayantara’s face but Samrat stops her and tells her that it’s his rights to apply colour on Nayantara’s face first.

Samrat tries to apply colour on Nayantara’s face but Nayantara stops him and threatens him by showing pepper spray. She tells him that she don’t know want to play holi with him and leaves from there. Chintu and Prem teases Samrat. Samrat tells them that holi has been started just now. Aliya gets angry seeing everything. Mansi tells Aliya that Samrat won’t be able to play holi with Nayantara and shows the ‘bhaang’ to her.

Malati wishes happy holi to Samrat and gives gift to him. She blesses him. Samrat wears the chain and leaves from there. Nayantara sees everything. She understands that Malati sold her bangles. Malati praises Samrat. She asks Nayantara to play holi.

Ishani tells Mohit that it’s their first holi together so they should forget everything. Mohit recalls that how Raghav said he did not force Ishani. Prem and Chintu pours colour water on them and runs from there. Ishani chases them.

Two man tries to apply colour on Nayantara’s face but Samrat stops them saying that he will apply colour on Nayantara’s face first. Nayantara asks Samrat that what happened to him today. Samrat tells her that he is not afraid of pepper spray and he applies colour on her face and hands. He makes her apply colour on his face. Aliya and Mansi gets irritated seeing that. Prem and Chintu claps. Prem tells Samrat that the latter won. Samrat dance with Nayantara.

Aliya tells Mansi that it’s the right time to mix ‘bhaang’ in the drink. Samrat tells Vikas to give drink to everyone. Mansi mixes ‘bhaang’ in the drink. She asks Vikas to give that glass to Nayantara. She tells Aliya that Nayantara will faint after drinking ‘bhaang’ and she will celebrate holi with Samrat.

Jeweller gives a parcel to Samrat. Samrat gifts bangles to Malati. He convinces her to accept it. Nayantara gets happy seeing that. Vikas gives drink to everyone and Nayantara takes the ‘bhaang’ glass. Aliya and Mansi smiles seeing that. Aliya starts behaving weird due to ‘bhaang’. Mansi realises that glass got exchanged. Prem and Chintu hifi to each other.

Episode ends.

Precap – Mansi asks Aliya to shut up. Aliya confesses how she helped her. Samrat hears everything and he tells Mohit that Aliya helped Mansi. Later, income tax officers reaches Samrat’s house for raid.

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