Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th August 2022 Written Update: Rudraksh’s narrow escape


Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th August 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Vidyut tells Sharda that Rudraksh wants lord Krishna’s idol. Sharda tells him that she will give that to Rudraksh tomorrow. She says that she is missing kids so much and leaves from there. Vidyut asks Raj that why the latter left in the middle of the practice. Raj tells him that he left because of the latter. Vidyut asks him what he did. Raj says that Vidyut humiliated Pihu first and now he changed suddenly. Vidyut says he really changed because he realised his mistake. He adds that he stoop so low in ego. He says that he really wants Raj and Pihu to win the competition.

Preesha asks Prem that if he knows Rudraksh. She asks that if Rudraksh sent Prem. Armaan threatens Prem to tell the truth. Prem tells him that he met Vidyut first time in his life. He says that he went to buy things for gardening. And he asked Vidyut about path because he is new to this place. Armaan asks him to stop lying. Ruhi tells him that her father never lies. Prem says that if Armaan really thinks he did wrong then he will quit this job. He adds that he is feeling bad for Ruhi. He apologizes to them and he tries to leave with his luggage.

Preesha stops him and she apologizes to him on behalf of everyone. She says that they overreacted because they knows Vidyut. Prem says he is poor not criminal. Preesha requests him to not leave. He nods at her. Thakurs leaves from there. Saaransh says he thought their game is over. Rudraksh says that they need to be careful.

Raj tells Vidyut he trust him. Vidyut hugs him. Raj says he really need Vidyut’s help. Armaan tells Digvijay that he won’t let Rudraksh snatch Preesha from him. He says he is sure that Prem is connected with Rudraksh. He plans to catch Prem red handed.

Later, Kanchan looks after the decorations. Sharda comes there and tells Preesha that she brought Ruhi’s books. Preesha tells her that she will give it to Ruhi. Sharda says that she brought Ruhi’s favourite sweets too. Preesha takes her to outhouse. Armaan and Digvijay overhears their conversation.

Sharda asks Ruhi that if the latter is fine. Ruhi tells her that she is fine. Sharda gives box to her saying that she brought sweets for her. She leaves from there with Preesha. Rudraksh takes the lord Krishna’s idol out of the box. He says that he will keep this lord Krishna’s idol in Armaan’s house temple. He adds that he should do it when Armaan is not in the house.

Armaan and Digvijay leaves for the meeting. Ruhi asks Preesha to help her in the homework. She says that she is hungry. Preesha takes her to the kitchen. Prem sneak into the house.

Armaan returns to house to get his file. He notices what Prem doing with lord Krishna’s idol. He thinks this is the best chance to expose Prem. He records everything. Prem leaves from there. Armaan wonders that what is Rudraksh’s exact plan.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kanchan says that lord Krishna’s idol is missing. Armaan says that Prem stole lord Krishna’s idol. Digvijay says that he will handover Prem to police.

Episode begins with Ruhi asks Preesha to stop singing because the latter sings terrible. Preesha tells her that she can sing like this only. Ruhi pleads her to help. Preesha says that she will try again. She gets glimpse of the moment when she sang for Ruhi. Prem asks her that what happened. She tells him that it looks like it already happened in her life. Saaransh comes there and says that he will sing. He sings and he dances too. Prem dances too. Ruhi comes out of the bathroom. Preesha gets glimpse of the moment when Rudraksh teased her. She gets fits and faints.

Rudraksh says that it was too much for Preesha to handle. Ruhi asks him that if Preesha is fine. He lift Preesha up and makes her lay down on the bed. Armaan sees that and he gets angry at Prem. He is about to attack Prem, but Ruhi stops the former. Ruhi tells him that Preesha fainted so Prem brought her inside that’s it. Saaransh tells Armaan that Prem just helped Preesha. Armaan says that he will take care of Preesha. He asks them to leave from there. They leaves the room.

In the college, Raj recalls that how Vidyut and Pihu danced. Pihu comes there and asks him that why he left from there without saying anything. He asks her that what was he supposed to do there. She tells him that she can’t practice alone. He tells her that Vidyut was there.

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