Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th September 2022 Written Update: Preesha watches Rudraksh and Vanshika’s cosy moments


Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th September 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Preesha tells Armaan that they are not going to London because she want to attend Rudraksh’s marriage. Armaan asks her that if she is serious. She tells him that she want to confirm that if Rudraksh really getting married. She says that they have to attend Pihu’s concert too. She tells him that they can go to London later. He nods at her. Pihu calls Rudraksh and she informs him about Preesha’s decision. He asks her to bring Preesha tomorrow to recording studio. He informs her that tomorrow he will announce her concert and his marriage.

Next day, Rudraksh compliments Vanshika seeing Preesha entering the recording studio. Vanshika shows the earring to him which he gifted her. He places a kiss on her ear. Preesha recalls that how Rudraksh gifted her earring and placed a kiss on her ear. She gets angry seeing Vanshika and Rudraksh together. Rudraksh thinks that he is doing all this so Preesha could regain her memories.

Rudraksh and Vanshika acts like a lovey-dovey couple to make Preesha jealous. Kalindi touches Raj inappropriately when training Raj. He feels uncomfortable with her touch. Pihu notices that. She sees Kalindi talking to Vidyut. Raj tells Rudraksh that he is going to washroom. Rudraksh tells him that reporters started coming. Raj leaves from there. Rudraksh announces that he is going to get married. Armaan thinks that if Rudraksh really getting married. Rudraksh announces that he is going to launch Raj and Pihu in the new album.

Everyone hears Kalindi’s scream. Kalindi comes there in messed up condition. Rudraksh asks her that what happened. She tells him that she has been raped. He asks her that who did that. She takes Raj’s name. Reporters starts questioning Kalindi. Preesha scolds reporters for questioning Kalindi. Armaan asks reporters to stop clicking photos. He says that Raj behaving like Rudraksh. He asks Rudraksh to say something instead of standing silent. Rudraksh tells him that he is silent because he knows Raj is innocent. He says that he has no idea why Kalindi accusing Raj. Pihu says that Raj can’t do like that.

Kalindi asks them that if they don’t believe her. Pihu tells her that the latter would have misunderstood. Armaan scolds her for talking like that. Kalindi says that she can prove that Raj did this with her. She tells them that she locked him in the room. She takes them to the room. Reporters clicks Raj’s photo. Armaan says that truth is in front of them. Rudraksh asks Raj that what the latter doing there.

Raj tells him that someone pushed him in that room and locked it from outside. Kalindi asks him to stop lying. She accuses him. Raj tells Rudraksh that he did nothing like that. She says that Raj touched her inappropriately when training. Pihu says that Kalindi touched Raj inappropriately. Preesha asks Armaan to call the Police. Armaan tells her that he already called the Police.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rudraksh wonders that why Kalindi accused Raj. Kalindi meets someone. Pihu tells Preesha that Raj is innocent. Preesha tells her that they will talk to Kalindi. Rudraksh questions Kalindi. She tells him that she will tell the truth.

Episode begins with Armaan tells Digvijay that it would be good if he and Preesha go to London. Pihu asks Preesha that if the latter read those letters. Preesha tells her that those letters don’t matter for her. Pihu wonders that how Armaan convinced Preesha to go to London. She decides to tell about it Rudraksh. She tells Thakurs that she is going for practice. Kanchan tells her that she will accompany her.

Later, Kalindi introduces herself to Rudraksh. He tells her to give training to Raj and Pihu. Vanshika introduces Kalindi to Raj and Pihu. Raj gets uncomfortable around Kalindi. Pihu notices that. She lies that she is going to washroom. She informs Rudraksh that Armaan taking Preesha to London and Preesha agreed. She asks him to do something. She notices Kanchan coming that way and leaves from there.

Armaan asks Preesha that if she is not happy. He tells her that he can delay the tickets if she wants. Preesha asks him to do what he feels right and she don’t have any problem. Rudraksh asks them that what’s the hurry. He says that they have to wait for few more days. Armaan scolds him for returning. Rudraksh says that he returned to clear their misunderstanding. He says that everything is over in between him and Preesha. He says that he realised that he can’t get Preesha’s love. He informs them that he found his love. He reveals that after 4 days he is going to marry Vanshika. He gives marriage invitation card to them.

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