Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd August 2022 Written Update: Ruhi proves Prem’s innocence


Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd August 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Digvijay drags Prem out of the house. Ruhi stops Digvijay. She tells him that Prem did not stole Lord Krishna’s idol. He tells her that she is a kid and don’t know anything. He asks her that who else stole it if it’s not Prem. She points at Armaan. She says that Armaan has Lord Krishna’s idol. Armaan asks her that why she is talking nonsense. He says that they should throw kids also out of the house. Ruhi says that she is telling the truth and she has proof to prove her point. She shows the video in which Armaan hiding the Lord Krishna’s idol in his cupboard.

She recalls that how she saw Armaan recording Prem. She records everything in her mobile. She tells Preesha that Prem was switching the Lord Krishna’s idol. Preesha asks Armaan that why he did all this. Armaan tells her that he don’t trust Prem. He says that Prem is involved with Rudraksh. She asks him that why he thinks that Rudraksh is behind everything. She says that Prem is an old man. She requests him to not accuse Prem again. She asks him to bring Lord Krishna’s idol. Raj tells himself that he is glad Ruhi handled everything and leaves from there.

Preesha apologizes to Prem. She asks him that why he switched Lord Krishna’s idol. Prem tells her that he feels like they are his family members. He says that his Lord Krishna’s idol is lucky one. He adds that he wanted his Lord Krishna’s idol to bring luck to Preesha. He tells her that he did not stole her Lord Krishna’s idol. He reveals that where he kept Kanchan’s Lord Krishna’s idol. Kanchan finds her Lord Krishna’s idol. She shows it to everyone. She asks Prem that why he did not said the truth earlier. Prem tells her that Armaan did not give a chance to tell the truth. He blesses Ruhi for proving his innocence. He hugs kids.

Armaan brings Lord Krishna’s idol. Kanchan says that they should perform aarti together. Prem tells her that he can’t stay there. Kanchan asks him that why he is leaving. He tells her that he was insulted by Armaan. He moves from there. Preesha stops him. She tells him that she knows that he did nothing wrong. She apologizes to him. He tells her that he need not to apologize. She tells Armaan to apologize to Prem. Kanchan says that Armaan should apologize to Prem. Armaan apologize to Prem. Prem says that he won’t leave.

Kanchan asks everyone to join for aarti. Armaan is about to leave but Digvijay stops the former. Khuranas prays to God that Preesha sees the Lord Krishna’s idol and remembers the past. Ruhi prays to God for some miracle to happen. Preesha and Armaan performs aarti. Preesha sees the Lord Krishna’s idol and gets a glimpse of herself performing aarti with Rudraksh.

Episode ends.

Precap – Preesha faints and Armaan holds her. Later, Armaan tells Digvijay that Lord Krishna’s idol is connected with Rudraksh that’s why Preesha fainted. Preesha tells Pihu that Rudraksh gifted Lord Krishna’s idol to her and she was happy with him. Prem hears everything.

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