Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th March 2021 Written Update: Ahana slaps Kabir


Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th March 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kabir and Sulochana was drinking alcohol and he laughs at her. She complaints about the quality of alcohol. He says her plan failed that’s why she is feeling not good. She throws alcohol on his face and says she didn’t dreamt that Gajendra could be Sharda’s brother. Preesha says Blackmailer will try to hide. Sharda says now that Blackmailer can’t blackmail her. Preesha says they has to catch the Blackmailer no matter what. Sulochana tells Kabir that Preesha can’t find out that it was she who blackmailed Sharda. She says Preesha can do whatever she want but she can’t reach her.

Sharda says she is not understanding who recorded the video. Preesha says there must be some 3rd person. Sharda remembers Waiter and tells about him to Preesha.She says she is sure that Waiter and Blackmailer has some connection so if they want reach the Blackmailer then they has to catch the Waiter first. She says they can tell about it to Rudraksh later.

Next day, Preesha wakes up and realises that Rudraksh didn’t sleep whole night. He says he was thinking about Sharda and says he suspected her seeing with Gajendra in the hotel. She says now everything is fine then why he is thinking about it. He says he is angry on himself and says she is really good person that’s why she trusted Sharda and even defended her so he want to become like her. She says both have flaws and they completes each other so he need not to change himself.

He says he is lucky that she is his life partner. She acts like she didn’t hear him and asks him to tell again. He understood that she is teasing him. Saaransh says they disturbed his sleep and Preesha, Rudraksh hugs him. Sonia sees everything and thinks Preesha is lucky because Rudraksh is her life partner and she also want to become lucky like her.

Sharda thinks she has to plan something else to separate Preesha and Sharda. Preesha and Sharda reach the hotel and finds the Waiter. Kabir makes Ahana fall on him and touches her inappropriately. She tells him to leave her but he didn’t then she slaps him. He says she misunderstood him again and says he just saved her from falling. She warns him to stay away from her and leaves from there. He thinks it’s really hard for him to control himself seeing her.

Preesha asks Waiter that why he recorded the video and tells Sharda to call the Police. Waiter pleads them to not call Police and says someone gave money to him for recording the video but he didn’t saw their face. Preesha tells Sharda that she and Ahana suspects Sulochana and Kabir because their behaviour is really strange. Sharda says without proof they can’t talk about it to Rudraksh.

Ahana says she was waiting for Sharda only. Rudraksh says he is nominated for best singer of the year award. Everyone gets happy hearing him. Rudraksh plans to go with Preesha for dinner after award ceremony and says he booked honeymoon suite for them and says he want another baby now.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sulochana learns that all the properties are on Saaransh’s name. Kabir backhugs Preesha.

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