Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Story : Preeta decides to help Krithika

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Episode begins with Krithika leaves the house to meet Akshay. Preeta follows her thinking Krithika is in trouble. Mahira follows Preeta to spoil her date thinking she is going for her date. She recalls her challenge and says it’s already second day so she has to separate Preeta and Karan no matter what and this time she will get successful. Preeta sees Krithika trying to enter the hotel and realises that Karan asked her to come to this hotel only for their date and wonders what if Krithika came to meet Karan. Prithvi parks his car in reserved area and gives bribe to Security. He meets Akshay in his hotel room and asks why he is staying in hotel. Akshay says his parents went to Dubai that’s why and asks him to give the money before Krithika comes.

Prithvi gives money to him and says because of him Akshay getting so much money. He asks him to threaten Krithika like he said and she has to come to him for help then he will become hero by helping her. Akshay says he remember everything. Prithvi asks why he is staying in this cheap hotel. Akshay was counting the money. Prithvi tells him to call Krithika first. Akshay calls Krithika and says within 10minutes she has to meet him with money and says she should not contact Police no matter what. Prithvi praises his plan and leaves from there.

Karan waits for Preeta and Mahira comes there. He asks what is she doing there. She says she was not following him and says she came to meet her friend and sits in different table. Karan calls Preeta but she didn’t pick the call. Mahira says they can sit on same table until Preeta comes there. Krithika shocks seeing Preeta. Preeta asks who is troubling her and asks what’s the matter. Krithika lies to her saying she just came for her work nothing else. Prithvi notices Sherlyn’s missed call and calls her.

Preeta says she came to help Krithika and asks her to share the problem with her and says she won’t leave her alone because she is like her sister. Krithika cries and says she didn’t listen her when she said about Akshay and says he is blackmailing her with their pictures and videos. She apologize to her. Preeta tells her to not cry and says she knows that Akshay was cheap person but she never thought that he will stoop this low and assures her saying she will handle him so Krithika need not to worry about anything. Prithvi leaves the hotel without seeing Preeta and Krithika.

Akshay was waiting for Krithika and wonders why suddenly lights are not working. Preeta records Krithika’s voice in her mobile and wears Krithika’s dress saying she will go to Akshay to get her pictures and videos. She says he won’t handover them to her that’s why she came with this idea and moves towards Akshay’s room.

Episode ends.

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