Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th February 2023 Written Update: Samrat threatens Nayantara


Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th February 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Samrat is about to attack Nayantara. But Revati stops him and asks him to not vent his anger now because she will handle it in her way. Media reporters questions Samrat about his sudden marriage. Revati asks them to bless the couple. Media reporters clicks Samrat and Nayantara’s photos. Revati tells Samrat that they can’t react in front of media reporters and asks him to smile. She tells media reporters that today Samrat got his love of life.

Media reporter tells her that they got information that today Aliya and Mohit’s marriage is going to happen. Revati tells her that they used Aliya and Mohit’s names because Nayantara belongs to a simple family and they did not wanted Nayantara’s family to face any kind of trouble. Media reporters questions Samrat about his love. Samrat tells them that he love Nayantara’s beautiful heart and he is so happy today. Revati thinks that she won’t spare Nayantara, Ishani and Mohit. 

On the other hand, Ishani tells everything to Malati and Grandma. She reveals that Samrat blackmailed Mohit and Nayantara saved them. She informs her family that she and Mohit are going to Shimla for now. Grandma asks them that what Nayantara will do now. Ishani tells her that she is feeling sad for Nayantara. Malati asks her to leave before Samrat comes. Ishani and Mohit leaves from there. Malati tells Grandma that she is worried about Nayantara and leaves for Khurana house. 

Revati invites media reporters for Nayantara’s muh dikhai ritual. Media reporters leaves from there. Revati asks Nayantara that where is Aliya. Nayantara tells her that Aliya is in the cupboard of her room. She asks Samrat that who gave him rights to play with other’s lives. She tells him that she did not let him succeed in his terrible motives.

Seema asks that what is happening and where is Mohit. Samrat tells her that Mohit is in the store room. Servant informs him that Mohit is not in the store room. Nayantara says that Mohit left with Ishani. She tells Samrat that he lost again. She tries to leave but Samrat stops her and tells her that they have to stay together because she is his wife. He says that he will use Nayantara to bring Mohit back. Nayantara says that she won’t stay there. Revati warns her to stay there if the latter wants her family to be safe then. 

Malati comes there. Revati tells her that the latter missed the marriage but she should not miss muh dikhai ritual. Nayantara takes Malati from there. Samrat tells Revati that he never saw a cunning girl like Nayantara. Revati asks him to behave in front of media reporters. She says that drama will happen in muh dikhai ritual and Mohit, Ishani will return after seeing that drama. 

Later, Samrat threatens Nayantara to get ready for muh dikhai ritual or else he will harm her family. Nayantara agrees to change. She thinks that game is still on. 

Episode ends. 

Precap – Nayantara tells Malati that she will teach a lesson to Samrat for what he did with her. She claims that Samrat is beast. One girl comes there and says that her husband is not beast. Prem points at someone and tells Nayantara that that’s his father. 

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