Yeh Hai Chahatein Upcoming Story : Preesha finds a way to prove Rudraksh’s innocence


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Episode begins with Mahima tells duplicate Rudraksh that no matter what the secret should not come out. She says just because he saved Preesha in jungle she had to injure Rudraksh’s hand too like him and says now he suffered because of his stupidity. He laughs this pain is nothing in front of what she planned for Rudraksh. She says proofs are really strong so no matter how hard he tries he can’t prove his innocence and told him to escape until she contacts him. She says Balraj become mad because of his actions.

She says he did good by pushing Balraj when he slapped him because that reaction no one expected from him and Khurana’s started to hate him especially Sharda. She says even Balraj changed his will according to their plan. She says everything was going according to their plan but Balraj overheard their conversation.

Duplicate Rudraksh was telling her about what he did in the office. She says everything transferred on Saaransh’s name and she is legal guardian of him so everything belongs to her now. She says till now no one got to know that he is not original Rudraksh. He says she made him like Rudraksh by doing plastic surgery which no one would have expected. He says she taught him everything that’s why he become Rudraksh. She says she really has to praise his acting because even Rudraksh’s parents believed him.

Balraj who came there said they can’t deceive them. Mahima and Duplicate Rudraksh shocks seeing Balraj there. Balraj says one day truth comes out definitely and says he didn’t expected this from Mahima and since beginning Preesha was right about her and even Rudraksh told him about her but he didn’t believed his son. He slapped Duplicate Rudraksh and asked the whereabouts of his son and threatened Mahima that he will expose her and tried to call Police.

Mahima signalled Duplicate Rudraksh to do something. Duplicate Rudraksh took the knife and stabbed Balraj. Mahima leaves from there. Saaransh went to Rudraksh’s room to sleep with him but he was not there so while returning back to his room he saw Duplicate Rudraksh stabbing Balraj from upstairs. Duplicate Rudraksh wonders where Mahima went and sees her in the room. She tells him to confirm that Balraj died and go to Rudraksh and take his fingerprints in this knife. Duplicate Rudraksh leaves from there and Mahima sees Saaransh.

Duplicate Rudraksh met Rudraksh who was laying on the bed unconsciously. He said that he murdered Balraj but Rudraksh will get punishment. Mahima was waiting for Duplicate Rudraksh and took the knife from him and put that under the sofa without anyone’s knowledge. She says she destroyed everything with her plan and achieved everything which she wanted.

Preesha says she won’t let Mahima succeed in her plan. Rudraksh asks what she can do when all the proofs are against him. She says there must be some way. He feels helpless for not able to do anything. She notices wound on his hand and says she has one way to prove his innocence and asks him to trust her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ahana joins Preesha and Rudraksh to expose Mahima. Ahana learns the truth of of Saaransh’s birth.