Yeh Jadu Hai Jin Ka 17th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist

Yeh Jadu Hai Jin Ka 17th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

Aman Saves His Mother’s Life With His Power the Moment He Goes Ahead. Aman Or Sees That He’s Going Towards Kabir. He Shouts To Warn Kabir. But Occasionally, Together With His Power, He cried The Bit Of The Moon To The Negative.

Aman Tells Kabir You Might Have Saved Your Mother’s Life. But Why Can Not You Do So, Both Laila And Chandni Reach Near Roshni. Says Laila. I Chandni Chandni Say. I am Chandni Now Roshni Doesn’t Know Who’s The Real Chandni?

Praveen Tells Aman, Save Aman Roshni’s Life, Aman Runs There. Roshni Tells Chandni And Laila That Today You Follow Us And Both Of Them Run After Her. Roshni Recognizes The Actual Laila There And Attacks Her. This Puts Laila’s Life In Danger And The Pain Breaks The Ice Of The Relatives And The Family Members Return .

Aman Shouts Roshni Roshni But When Aman Approaches Roshni, She Sees That Laila Uses Her Magic To Say You Will Not Be Able To Stay Alive Until The Next Moon And Suddenly You Begin To Cloud And Start Walking And Everything Begins To Turn Black. Chandni Tells Laila You Don’t Do This.

Here Chandni Says To Aman I Give You The Red 9 Moon. So Which You Could Acquire Nine Times On The Same Day and You’ll Need to Die, Which Will Save You The Life Of The Light You Will Have 9 Odds, Aman Is Your Love, Just The Roshni Can Save Your Life And The Chandni Leaves From There. This Roshni Comes Home And Everybody Hugs Every Other, Everyone Is Happy, Amxn Asks To Call Your Doctor, Roshni Shouts No, Do Not Call The Doctor Anymore.

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