Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

Karthik Naira And Gayu Come Back Home And when They Get Home, Naira Starts Crying And Hugging Kairav.

Kartik And Naira Get Gayu Home After Her Check Up. Samarth Confronts Gayu For Hiding Things From Him And Going To The Hospital.

Samarth Yells At Her And That Its Just His BabyShe Has Made Him Yearn For Your Baby For a Long Time. He Asks If She Thought He Won’t Know Anything If She Conceals The Issue. He Tells Gayu That He’s The Most Concerned Person For Your Baby, He Wants to Be a Father. He yells Gayu A Careless Mother. Dadi And Manish Want To Know The Issue.

Dadi Asks Samarth Why Is She So Annoyed. Samarth Asks Them To Request Gayu, How Can She Be Deciding Everything Alone. Naira Asks Samarth Not To Blame Gayu For All. Kartik And Naira Get Upset After Allergic The Loss Of Their Daughter. Naira Sinks In Sorrow And Gets Emotional. Samarth Blames Gayu For Attempting To Abort The Kid, So Which Vansh Doesn’t Share His Mum’s Love.

Naira Asks Him To Just Limit Himself. Samarth Asks Naira Not To Interfere Between Them, Its Their Private Matter. She Tells Him She Won’t Stop, She’ll Defend Her Sister. She Tells That Each Pregnancy Differs, The Stage Can Be Happy If The Partner Is Supportive, She Ought to Be Happy, But She’s Stressed Just Because Of His Overconcern. She Wants Everyone To Know Gayu’s Mood Swings And Make Her Feel Safe. She Asks Samarth To Know Gayu’s Emotions.

Kartik Tells Samarth That He’s A Life Partner, Not A School Teacher He Teaches Everything To Gayu. He Tells He Isn’t The First Man to Be a Father. Naira Explains Samarth That They’ve Lost A Daughter And They Know The Pain. Kartik And Naira Shed Tears And Fill Sense In Samarth’s Mind. Samarth Apologizes To Gayu. Dadi Tells Them That Gayu Is Carrying Goenkas’ Heir, She’ll Attempt To Sort Out Gayu’s Inner Fears Within Her Way If Gayu Can’t Help Herself. She Asks Gayu To Look After Herself And Not Trouble Samarth.

Kartik Calls Sister Leela After Understanding That She’s Cancer. He Wishes To Extend Assistance and Hence Calls Her Following Taking Her Phone Number From Her Former Colleagues. But Leela Cuts The Phone After Kartik Introduces Him As Kartik Goenka, Naira’s Husband. Has Sister Leela Kept Vital Information From Kartik Undisclosed

Samarth Speaks Sorry To The Gayu And Brings Medication For Her, The Vansh claims Mama, You Make A Milk Shake, Samarth Refuses It, But Gayu Says It’s Alright To Be Able, I’ll Make It And Go From There. Here Karthik And Naira Are Going Somewhere In The Car To Worship, Then They Miss Their Baby Girl And Both Karthik And Naira Hug Each Other And Start Crying. There’s A Video Calling That Grandma Remembers. The Moment Those Folks Start Crying For Kittu’s Daughter, Karthik And Naira Go There And Everyone Gets Silent.

Karthik And Naira Visit Sister Leena In Their Property. Sister Lena Won’t Meet Them. Her Son Opens The Door And He Says That She’s Not At Home. Leena Gets Nervous And Doesn’t Know What To Hide Again. Karthik And Naira Go Into The Temple. The Moment He Goes To The Temple To Worship With Pandit JiHe Sees That All The People Of Goenka Family Are Coming.Pooja Starts In Temple, Karthik Sees What Leena To Take And His Son Was Going Somewhere After Sitting On Scooty. Here The Bell Of The Temple Falls In The Havan Kund. Which Makes Your Family Nervous And Dadi Says What Sort Of Impact Does Naira Get On Her And Says That Karthik Is Not Here. Karthik Functions There And Finds Lina But She Doesn’t Meet Him There.