Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka : Aman And Roshni Spend Quality Time

Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 10th January 2020 Upcoming Story on

The Episode Begins with Parveen coming from the grave. She looks at the home. Soha opens the door and sees Parveen. Parveen pushes her and says in case you would like to remain alive, then you’ve got to do what I say. She smiles. Its dawn, Roshni wakes up and sees Aman sleeping. She lifts a seat by her magical and blocks sunlight. She says new Ayana has many powers, she’s better. She laughs. She sees Aman and states his eyes are adorable, it looks more adorable when its closed. He asks her to get silent. She says I m mute, I do not talk much. He says I have another way to make you quiet. She asks that way. He gets close. The seat falls down. He smiles. She gets away. He stops her.

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He says I understand why you’re running away, you would like to say that you love me a lot, but eventually you’ll leave me. She asks do you really think so. He nods. She says no, I wish to let you know, I gave you many wounds daily, you’d uttered it, I know you can never hurt me, you could not stab me for saving my life, this relationship won’t let me go away. He inquires won’t you leave me. She says no, I will die but not leave you. He asks what were you going to say. She says you might have easily defeated me. He says love taught me to shed. She says I’m really sorry for giving you a lot of wounds. He inquires won’t you leave me. She says no, never. They hug and fall over the mattress. They laugh. Chotu comes and asks what is happening.

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Aman asks what are you doing here, door was shut, how did you come. Chotu says I arrived here by window, you said you’ll make my fav breakfast. Aman and Roshni say yes and rush. They make breakfast.

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Chotu asks Roshni to open her own bakery. Roshni says yes, I have a fantasy and it’ll get fulfilled. Aman believes its been much time, we did not come close, I’m feeling so embarrassing, but I need to say. He says I wish to say something, really…. He believes our closeness…. He says okay, I was saying… Sara asks what exactly are you really saying. Aman says nothing. Chotu says he’s trying to say something since dawn. Aman says shut up, do your job.

Roshni says you were going to say something. Aman says yes. Chotu says I need milk. Roshni goes. Aman makes a face. Roshni sends Chotu.

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Aman thinks we’re husband and wife, we should come close. He says we’re near, our husband and wife should come. He believes what am I saying. She says you’re saying complicated thing, we’d red moon night and celebrity shower night, when will we have our suhaagraat. He gets shocked and drops the bowls. She says sorry if I told some thing wrong. He says no, not at all. Sara and Chotu come.

Sara says I will find the mop. She goes. Roshni says we will not do it if you do not like the idea. He says we can do it, its world’s best thought. Chotu asks what notion. Aman says baking Naankhatia.

Aman and Roshni serve the breakfast. Everyone likes it. Dadi says its not your error Aman, if you cook so well, then my diet will run away. Roshni says its Chotu’s choice, its his error, I’ll get plates. They say we’ve got plates. He says I’ll get spoons. They say we’ve spoons. He says that I will get cells. He goes and says I have come to meet you.

Roshni asks why are you so nervous. He asks do I seem nervous. She says yes, did you get fearful. He holds her close. He asks do I look scared, tell me. She says yes, you seem nervous, you’re trying to say something a while back. He inquires will I tell like you. She states suhaagraat is ordinary word, not a bad word, if you would like to shed the idea… He says silent, family is not there. She says fine, then tell me in your speech. He states I believe our closeness should increase today.

Chotu comes and asks what is closeness. They get away. Aman says how can you come everywhere. Chotu says I come this way. Aman and Roshni grin seeing each other. Parveen looks at them.

Dadi inquires Salma did you settle nicely in outhouse. Salma says no, Aman is so great, I can not have any trouble, my cousin is sick, Roshni and I’ll go to see her tonight. Aman shouts no. Dadi asks what happened, if Salma wants to take Roshni…

Roshni says I don’t need to go. Salma says in the event that you own imp work, then we’ll go later. Aman and Roshni say yes, its very very imp meeting. Aman says I forgot something .

Roshni says Naankhatai can burn off. They go. She asks why did you shout like this. He asks why did you create all plans now. She says mother made that strategy. He says , so our strategy is on, right. She smiles. Chotu asks that plan. Aman sees him. Roshni says I’ll tell your fav narrative. They go.

Parveen sees the tree. She receives a bud and says I got the increased root, red soul and the Nargisi bud, my magic will finish, today Aman and Roshni can not stand against me, the Sifra gold will not let them get close. She does some magic and makes gold powder. She sees and goes Roshni and Chotu sleeping. She sprinkles the golden powder on Roshni. Roshni wakes up. She enjoys Aman… its time.

Aman answers time for what… She answers… do not act smart, sit , I will prepare in Sara’s room, what I wear now will be a surprise for you. He says surprise. He answers… I made a surprise prepared for you. She smiles.