Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka : Roshni Hurts Aman

The Episode Begins with Aman getting chained by Dadi and Phupi. They say we’re linking the chains loose. He asks them to call Tabeezi, just she can assist them. He says if Kabir touches Roshni, he will know it when love takes revenge, no electricity in the world can stop it, call Tabeezi. Parveen goes. Kabir stops her and says I’d told you, my abilities will increase on the night of celebrity shower, I will become the king and you will get much power. He goes.

Parveen says you won’t ever understand the secret of electricity. Dadi comes to Aman and states Tabeezi had told me about the things we need, we must create Barfi and feed him, he’ll get weak, Tabeezi will produce the weapon to finish him. Parveen asks that weapon. Dadi says I will tell later. Aman gets mad seeing Roshni. Dadi down him.

Tabeezi understands the torso from the book. Roshni gets ready. Kabir gets ready and comes to Aman. Roshni comes downstairs. Kyu kisi ko….plays… Kabir asks everybody to be a part of his happiness. He receives the Qazi. He does magic and seals the home.

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Phupi says we must feed this Barfi to Kabir. Dadi stops Kabir and states this union is occurring against our desire, but you’re son of the house, we must fulfill ritual. Dadi takes the Barfi. Parveen believes this sweets will finish his powers, I must stop him.

Kabir sees Parveen signing him. He quits Dadi and says I do not like Barfi. He eats other sweets and states I’ve eaten sweets, today we will fulfill rasams. Tabeezi attempts to get in. She’s stopped by Kabir’s magic.

She goes to the window. Dadi and Aman watch her. Dadi throws the door. Aman must strike Roshni by Tabeezi’s dagger, so she gets from Kabir’s spell, just then Aman can assault Kabir.

Tabeezi can not enter by the doorway. She throws the dagger inside. Aman gets rid of the chains and picks the dagger. He yells stop Roshni. He receives the dagger and throws it. Baazigar comes in between and has stabbed. He falls down. Aman calls out Baazigar. Baazigar gets from Kabir’s spell. Baazigar flies to him.

Aman takes the dagger back. He shouts Kabir, you’ve seen brother’s love, now understand the hatred, see what happens when love takes revenge. Kabir yells his pagdi. Aman and Kabir use their powers against each other. They fight. Roshni comes in between. Aman stops. Roshni runs to attack Aman. Aman holds the dagger and strikes her. She holds his hand. She throws the dagger away. Aman looks at it and runs to get it. They run over the stairs railing. Kabir and everybody looks on. Aman takes the dagger to stab her. She shuts her eyes in fear. He stops himself. He thinks how do I stab her, I m her offender, I’ve hurt her a lot, even then she admitted departure. He remembers their minutes. He believes this is the moment to regret for my offenses. Roshni pushes him. She gets back.

Aman falls back. He recalls Roshni’s words. She strikes him by her hair clip weapons. Aman gets hurt and falls down. The family worries. He yells seeing her. Kahani hamari…plays…. He drops down and sees her.

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