Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 22nd March 2022 Written Update: Armaan and Kajal come face to face


Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 22nd March 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Armaan and Dia walking together inside the hospital. He ask her if she wants to say something? To which she hesitates and looks at him. At that time a lady sees Armaan and confronts him. She ask if he remembers her? To which he apologises and denies to know about her. She smiles and tells that how famous he was in the college and introduces herself as his childhood class-mate Ritu. He apologises for not remembering her name, to which she assures him and says that how busy he used to be in the college. She also tells about the popular love story of him and his girlfriend, while Armaan gets silent. Ritu leaves from there asking him not to forget her name again.

Here, Dia looks at Armaan and thinks about his girlfriends. She talks rudely to him and goes away, while he gets confused with her behaviour. He shakes his head thinking about different personalities of Dia and moves away.

Kajal also comes inside the hospital to visit Dia and to check on Jhanvi. She moves inside while a wardboy dashes with her. He helps her to pick the purse while Armaan and Kajal sees one another. They gets shocked, while Kajal goes towards Armaan and extend her hand for a handshake. He glares at her and then goes away without talking to her.

Elsewhere, Dia sees Armaan and Kajal. She goes towards Kajal and questions her about Armaan. She ask if he had any relationship with her? To which Kajal praises him and says that they had a past. She states that Armaan is one kind of a person and she still regret some of her past decisions. She declares that Armaan never leaves the person who he loves or cares for.

Palki sits along Jhanvi while latter questions if she had to say something? Palki looks at her with regret and apologises for not being able to do anything for her. Jahnvi consoles Palki and says that she knows how much she cares for her and ask her not to worry about such things. Meanwhile, Jhanvi also praises Armaan for being so helpful .

Ahead, Jhanvi ask Palki about her feelings for Armaan while she avoids the topic. Meanwhile, she smiles remembering his nature. Whereas, Dia cooks foods for Holi preparation and makes her family have it. Dia’s father tells that Jahnvi and Amit won’t be able to join them in the festival due to her condition, while Dia notify them about preparing a healthy sweet for her sister and tells that she will visit them to give it to them.

Palki also comes inside the kitchen and starts showing her viewers about the preparations of Holi. She was about to start cooking to show her viewers while Dia stops her and ask not to disturb her. They both starts a funny argument, while their parents tries to stop them. Meanwhile, Anju apprises about Rastogis coming in their house for Holi celebration.

Further, Dia declares that about her fear of colours and says that she will stay inside her room only. Whereas, they went to shop for Holi preparations, at that time some kids gathers around Dia to put colour on her while she gets scared. But, a kid comes in between and stops them. Dia gets elated and thanks the kid. She then remembers a beautiful flashback of her childhood friend. Whereas, Sudha shows Armaan’s childhood pictures to him. Meanwhile, Anju and Palki states that soon someone will come who will remove Dia’s fear of colours.

Precap:- Dia locks herself inside the room during Holi celebration. At that time Armaan comes there and insists her to open the door. She denies to come out and ask him to leave as she doesn’t like colours. He lies to her that he is leaving and tricks her in coming out of her room. As she peaks out of the door, he pours colour on her, making her shocked.

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