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Rajan Shahi Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is gearing up for climax of the current track. The story of the show is currently revolving around Kartik motivating Sirat to win the championship to inspire girls like her who dream to do big in their life. in the meantime, Mukesh marked his entry and in a fight with him, Kartik gets injured.
Kartik’s operation takes place successfully. Sirat too gets qualified for the finale match. Ahead, Goenkas shift to new place. Kairav and Vansh gets happy seeing the place. Swarna asks them to go and play. Surekha come.

Swarna and Suhasini asks Surekha if Luv Kush is good. Surekha says Manish and Akhilesh has visited the place to console Luv and Kush. Gay says every school should have strict rules against bully. Surekha leave the place. Sirat decide to unpack the stuffs. Swarna asks Sirat to put Aarohi and Akshu to sleep. She further give Sirat a letter. Sirat stand stunned learning her test reports read her blood contain drug.
Goenkas stands shocked media accusing Sirat for taking drugs. Sirat gets upset thinking now she can’t fulfil anyone’s dream. Arwind decide to get Sirat’s medicine rechecked. Kartik accompany Arwind.

Swarna and Gayu accuse Surekha for the mess as last time she went to fetch the medicine for Sirat. Sirat side Surkeha. Surekha leave Goenkas saying she doesn’t want Sirat’s fake sympathy.

Now in the upcoming episode, Kartik and Sirat will check CCTV footage of chemist shop to catch the culprit. Further, during the match Sirat will be drugged again.

Kartik will encourage Sirat to stand up. Sirat will be able to win the championship, well time will only tell.

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