Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Updates | YRKKH 27th November 2021 Written Update: Akshara comes back home


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Updates | YRKKH 27th November 2021 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Kerav returns home. Aarohi brings Kachori for Kerav and Vansh. Seeing this, Kerav remembers Akshara. At the same time, Akshara comes back home. Everyone gets shocked seeing her. Aarohi asks her how she has come back home. Did she forget something? Akshara answers yes. She adds that she was taught by her mother not to run away from her troubles rather than face them. That’s why she has returned home.

Kerav also tells everyone the truth that he had told Akshara to go to Pune as he did not want Akshara to be unhappy. Akshara tells that she too has broken ties with Abhimanyu and his family. Manish is shocked to hear this. He scolds Akshara and Kerav for their wrong decisions. Akshara tries to convince Manish that Kerav is not at fault in this. So don’t scold him. However, Manish and the family members are so sad that they do not understand her point and leave from there.

There Abhimanyu comes to Mahima. He asks her that when he had told her all the truth then why there was such a big confusion. Mahima gets shocked hearing this. She asks why is he asking this question to her. Abhimanyu replies that he only wanted to clear his confusion. Saying this he leaves from there. Here Aarohi is angry with Akshara because once again she has become great in the eyes of the family and she is bad.

Akshara explains to her what she did, she did for her family. Aarohi says that if she was in her place, she would have done the same. Neil tells Manjari that Akshara has agreed to make preparations for Abhimanyu’s birthday. Manjari gets happy. While Abhimanyu misses Akshara and shouts angrily at the housekeeper. Then he realizes that he did wrong so he apologizes to the servant.

Later Mahima sees that Manjari is talking to Akshara. She thinks that today Abhimanyu questioned, so she has to do something. She starts shouting at Manjari that she is talking to Akshara even after all this so that Abhimanyu’s attention goes on this matter and the family does not come to know that she had created confusion. Abhimanyu also comes there. Manjari tries to tell Mahima and Abhimanyu that she is doing all this for Abhimanyu’s birthday. But Abhimanyu leaves from there without listening to her.

Next Akshara is preparing for Abhimanyu’s birthday. She imagines Abhimanyu is with her. At the same time, Aarohi comes there. Akshara gets scared seeing this. Aarohi asks her why she is nervous. Akshara is unable to answer. Then Aarohi gets an offer from Birla Hospital for an internship. She gets happy seeing this and gives this news to the Goinkas. Manish is not happy to hear this. He forbids Aarohi to join Birla Hospital.

Akshara tells Manish that this opportunity is very good for Aarohi. So they should not stop Aarohi from going there. Manish understands her point and allows Aarohi to join Birla Hospital. Further, Akshara calls Neil and asks if the preparations for the birthday have started. He says yes. Then only Abhimanyu comes there. Akshara gets happy hearing his voice. She wants to hear Abhimanyu’s voice once again. Abhimanyu thanks Neil for getting his car serviced and adds that he loves him. Akshara gets happy and says that she also loves him too.

Precap: Aarohi sees Abhimanyu’s photo and thinks that this time she will get Abhimanyu. Akshara goes to Abhimanyu’s house and wishes Abhimanyu a happy birthday.

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