Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke : Abir Misunderstands Mishti

The Episode begins with Meenakshi stating I was scared for the two of you, is everything fine Kunal. Kunal says I’m fine. She asks how was the party, did it occur as it needed to be. Abir says Kuhu proposed the celebration, we’re tired, we’ll go and rest. Kunal gets sad and moves. Parul looks on. Meenakshi says they both are not fine. Parul asks shall I speak to Abir. Meenakshi says no, take their fav milkshake. She believes Kunal did not tell about Nishant. Abir takes Kunal home. Lamho ko….plays….

Jasmeet says Nannu you have fine. Nannu says you will remain typical punjabi mother, Rajshri is looking as fresh as a daisy. Jasmeet asks him to take rest. Kuhu says chill. Jasmeet says I m angry on that guy who did so with us, I won’t leave him. Kuhu says I did not go home, I got dark circles. Mishti says we are going to take a selfie. Kunal says mum really got me out of dustbin. Abir asks him not to say crap, else he’ll beat him. He says I’ve some work, sleep and go, I will return. Kunal asks will you return. Abir asks are you fearful that mother will make you out if I’m not here. Kunal asks mum and everybody love me, right?

Abir recalls Meenakshi’s words and says , you need to sleep. Parul comes there. Kunal says I can not do this for you, whatever you did for me. They see Parul in the door. Abir says speak to her. Parul says your fav milkshake. Abir says Kunal will have it later. Abir signs Parul. She goes. Kunal says she should not know that I understand.

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Nannu says I feel sick when she does not take my title. Doctor asks them to speak directly. Nannu asks were you all night to fulfill Abir. She says yes, but you weren’t fine. Doctor says you just need to be strong and recuperate. Nannu says that my family is my strength, I did not appreciate life before, but now I have much to lose. He sees Mishti. She checks her cell phone. She expects Kunal is fine. Kuhu calls Kunal. Mishti comes and asks how is Kunal. Kuhu says I’ll go home and fight him, why are you concerned for him. Mishti says leave it, Nannu is fine. Kuhu asks are you and Nanchak buddies. Mishti says no, we’re best friends. Kuhu asks do not you love Abir now. Mishti asks did I ask you, when you love Kunal now or not.

Mishti says how did I harm Kunal so much, so much play, give me a reason to smile. She sees the ring and states Abir had thrown this in lake, how did this come here. She smiles reading Abir’s message, we must meet. She asks did you come here at night. He replies yes. She says it means my love and belief were true, you’re a liar, you still love me, you threw this in lake and then got this back, it means someone forced you to do so, I know your mother forced you, you need to tell the truth. Abir thinks I understand you don’t use anybody, I hope you get a big reason for this, I can not watch Kunal like this. Parul believes did Abir speak to Kunal, he seems worried. She belongs to Kunal and yells. She sees the wound on his hands. He speaks in sleep.

He says no, you can not be my mum, I’m Meenakshi’s son, Abir is my brother, only this is my loved ones. Parul gets shocked and yells. She believes Kunal knows the fact, but does not wish to take, he hates me. She goes crying. Mishti says Abir will be arriving. Nannu asks where are you going. She states to meet Abir. He says sorry, your strategy flopped. She says you did not take the drink, I know it was not an accident, Kunal spiked the drink on his mum’s saying, she’s currently hurting the people near me. He asks what, I’m not scared of anybody. She says I’m scared for us, she’s hurt us, so I’ve angrily hurt Kunal, I did that by mistake, I must fulfill Abir and explain why it occurred. Abir sees the red balloons and believes of Mishti. He says she can not do so, she will have a motive.

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Nannu asks how do Kunal spike my drink. Mishti says he did not know… He states that I’m an addict, I was thinking if I’ve hurt you all. She says no, you trust yourself, whatever happened was wrong, but I did much wrong with Kunal, telling something which he’s living a lie, what could be worse, I had been so dumb, his mum provoked him to do so. Nannu asks what do you mean. Abir thinks I should visit Mishti’s home and wait. Nannu says Kunal isn’t a child, he can not do so, why did you allow Kuhu marry him. She says I’m glad you’re fine, you know how imp you’re, I won’t allow Kunal come between us. Abir comes and appears on. Mishti says Kunal always insulted me, he was against Abir and me, does he deserves this. Abir goes. Mishti says no, he does not deserve this, I must say sorry to Abir. Abir thinks Mishti is not feeling sorry after damaging Kunal.

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