Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Vedika In Dilemma


The Episode Begins with Kartik leaving. Naira smiles. He asks for a goodbye kiss. She asks him to go, he will not get anything. He says that you don’t have a heart. She says yes, you’ve got my heart, just go, before anybody comes. He holds her close and says everybody knows we can not stay away, I do not need to go. She says how are you going to come if you do not go. He says I will prepare and wed here, I will take you out of here, what an idea, okay, do not become angry. She says I also need this. He asks really. She says yes. He lifts her. She says but… He says I’ll break this wall . She kisses him. He acts to receive a sprain. She gives him a flying kiss. They think of tomorrow.

He leaves. Vedika hears Manish, Samarth and Akhilesh talking. Samarth says we should have a bachelors party. Akhilesh says we could see Kartik’s pleasure with Naira and Kairav. Samarth says , Vedika would have never given him this joy. Pandit does shuddikaran and says its done. Vedika cries. Surekha says we’ll remove Vedika’s belongings, Dadi informed this. Vedika goes to her room and says what did I do, why are they doing this with me, nobody thought about me, I will fight for my right, I will speak to Kartik alone for the last time, I will tell him how much harm I m. She goes out. Kartik talks to Naira on telephone. He asks her to confirm the surprise in the drawer. Vedika walks on the street. A speeding car comes her way. Kartik runs and pulls her. He shouts. The car leaves. Kartik asks where’s your focus, you did not understand, what were you thinking, did you really go insane. She looks at him. She hugs Kartik.

Naira states this is our little world, its me and you, I want to get locked with you. Vedika comes home. She sees the decorations. She cries and believes of Naira’s return. Naira says I’m giving this gift to both of us. Her alter ego appears and taunts her to just shout. Vedika argues and asks to not boost her problems. She cries. Her alter ego says deny for divorce, how would union occur with no divorce. Naira retains the falling gift. Vedika believes and says Kartik won’t remain happy with me, he’ll just compromise, it will not be a love. Her alter ego says you love him, you have hope, you’ll have loneliness and regrets, will there be a divorce or marriage. Naira prays. Vedika cries nothing will happen tomorrow, Kartik and my divorce will not occur, Naira and Kartik’s marriage will not happen, he’s mine, he’ll just be mine. Its morning, Naira wakes up and says I will marry Kartik again. Kartik says yes, its my union today. Kairav thanks God for showing him his mum and dad’s union, he enjoys them. He surprises her. Kartik gets a notice and pulls the rope. The colourful sprinkles fall.

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He gets Kairav’s notice… thanks Papa for marrying mumma again. Pallavi asks actually, your hope won’t end, Kartik will know, do not create a bloated face, Dadi wanted you to marry Kartik, its fate, do not step back today, promise me. Kartik, Naira and Kairav dance happily. Vedika talks to her dad’s pic and cries. She asks why will I give importance to these things that make me from Kartik, I’m sorry, I don’t have any other way, I must cancel the divorce. Kartik calls Naira. Kairav says let me go out of this room .

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Naira asks why. He says try to comprehend. He goes. She smiles and answers the telephone. Kartik states congrats Naira, its a special day for me, you are not free to congratulate me. Naira says I was awaiting your call. They say we miss you a lot. He says lets meet once. She says , come shortly. She smiles.