Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 25th February : ABIR AND MISHTI’S FIRST NIGHT

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 25th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

The episode begins with Mishti and Abir beginning to play the game of finding items in milk. Mishti finds specs. Meenakshi rejoices saying she’s won and asks Kuhu to promote her bro. Kuhu cheers for Abir. However it is Mishti who finds a jhumka, the exact same one that Mishti had lost and Abir had discovered when they met for the second time. Meenakshi inquires Abir when he remembers that and states that nothing goes unnoticed from the eyes of parents. She informs Kuhu she won again and Abir has dropped. Kuhu asks Abir to try for her . Kunal states he had already said that he’s lost everything in love.

They begin playing and Mishti and Abir locate a ring . Meenakshi says she’s won so that the silver coins will stay with her. Kunal claims that Abir has finally found something Kuhu must get something also. Abir agrees and says he’s found a ring. Mishti says she’s found it too. Everybody asks them to exchange rings and they do this.

Nidhi asks Meenakshi what she’ll do with silver coins today. Meenakshi says that these belong to kids only so offers them to Kuhu who refuses saying that she’s the person who won so she should keep them. She asks Abir to assure her that he will not let her shed next next moment. He promises her that.

Nanu yawns and says Kaushal is feeling sleepy. Everybody starts going towards their rooms.
Kunal asks Abir to assist him. Abir says it is his first night. Kunal answers that it is his first night also and takes him away while Abir wonders what sort of help he needs.

Kuhu brings Mishti in Abir’s room. Kuhu is going to leave but Mishti stops her. She says they keep fighting and she keeps saying they aren’t sisters but nobody can deny that today they’re sisters-in-law. Kuhu denies that. Mishti asks her to stop and states that they should attempt to be like Kunal and Abir at least for them.
Kunal tells Abir he wishes to do something special for Kuhu and has spoke with Mishti to maintain Kuhu busy, he needs his help to decorate the space. Abir thanks Kunal for getting Mishti’s buddy and also making plans . They hug.

Mishti claims to Kuhu that they’re finally with those they love so today they ought to stop fighting. She says that she is not extrover and trendy like her and does not even know how to cook properly so she does not know if people of the home will love her as much as they adore Kuhu. She informs her that she does not want to take her place but she simply does not want to argue with her and remain peacefully at the location she will get. Kuhu agrees on the condition that she won’t ever snatch her limelight. Mishti promises that. Kuhu gets happy and says that she does not know what to advice her for the first night due to her first night Kunal just kept saying that he hates her. Mishti apologizes. Kuhu wonders what to do on first night.

Jasmeet sees images of this Ghar Prawesh Kuhu posted on social networking and decides to call her to ask why they had been playing with colours. Only then he receives a call from Meenakshi who claims to have called her by mistake and apologizes for ruining her sleep. Jasmeet says it is okay and asks if everything is fine there. Meenakshi says that Kuhu organized everything all went really well and they left Mishti as chief guest. Jasmeet thinks that Mishti needed to remain happy after destroying Nishant’s life. Meenakshi says she saw Mishti bringing Kuhu to Kunal’s room as she did not let Kuhu forget that it is a special day for her also. She asks Jasmeet if Mishti did right. Jasmeet says yes she did. They cut the telephone. Jasmeet states that it is late or else she’d have called Kuhu and asked what play is happening. She’s upset since Meenakshi kept chanting Mishti’s name. \

On the other hand Meenakshi looks at a coin and says that she understands Jasmeet will not be able to sleep now. She says that she did not call by mistake but she wants to use her from her family since she’s the weakest member of Maheshwari family after what happened with her and Nishant. She states that she could not prevent her sons out of marrying Kuhu and Mishti but today they’ll see that both of them are not right for their loved ones. She looks at two towers of silver coins also states that both the women has made towers but do not understand that no tower can remain upright before Meenakshi Rajvansh. She breaks the towers of coins.

“Saathya mere” plays as Mishti enters from the room and walks towards the mirror. She sits on the bed.
Abir wonders what to say once he goes inside and says that Kunal was right and they have pressurized a lot. He tries to relax.

Kuhu enters in the room. Kunal feels sexy and turns on the AC. He asks Kuhu if she’s feeling hot too. She says that she’ll get freezed. Kunal asks her why her face is so red. She moves in front of mirror. Kunal asks her if she’s blushing. She denies and turns to face him. Kunal steps closer to her. “Bekhudi” plays. Kunal takes a tissue from the vanity and wipes the reddish color from Kuhu’s face. She says he is blushing now. Kunal gets nervous and denies blushing. He states that it is his room so he’s comfortable and he also got his mattress back today. He lies back on the bed saying that his spine was going to fight with the couch. Kuhu gets on the bed too and asks him if he married her only to repair his back pain. She strikes Kunal with cushion and he yells. Kuhu asks him what people will believe hearing him crying like this. Kunal says they will feel that his wife beats him. Kuhu laughs.

Abir enters in the room and looks about for Mishti. He sees that she’s fallen asleep on the bed. He recitates a poetry and sits alongside Mishti kissing her brow. He puts her head on his lap and caresses it. He slowly falls asleep also.

The following morning Kuhu is outside for morning call. She’s likely to surprise Kunal with red sportscar. Only then she receives Jasmeet’s call. She asks if she’s talking to Parul. Kuhu says she phoned her and her kuhuness. Jasmeet states that she can call her Parul part 2 today because she’s seen her selfie and her face was red with kumkum. She asks her if she’s been working complete the day and performing aarti. Kuhu asks her to quit taunting her and says that she’s talked with Mishti who won’t interfere in her things today. Jasmeet instigates her comparing her with Parul who functions Meenakshi. Kuhu says that she wishes to be pleased with Kunal now they are together and she does not want to fight with anyone. Jasmeet asks her to struggle for Kunal at least but Kuhu cuts the telephone.
Varsha comes and inquires Jasmeet who she was speaking with. Jasmeet lies. Rajshri comes and say she wants to speak to Mishti and ask if everything was fine.

Meenakshi plays sitar. Mishti receives Rajshri’s call. Rajshri scolds her for sleeping until today. Mishti instantly gets up. Varsha says that she’ll scold Kuhu for not waking her up. Rajshri asks Mishti to prepare and go downstairs and apologize to everybody promising that this will not happen again. Varsha indicates her to lie that she had hassle and do that each and every time she wakes up . She says she was able to do that also. Rajshri gets surprised. Mishti asks them to keep cuts and arguing the telephone because she must go to get ready.
Parul provides a box to Meenaksbi asking what it is. Meenakshi looks on.

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