Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 9th March : Abir and Kunal plan to unite Kuhu and Mishti

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 9th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

The episode Begins with Mishti falling near the Holika Dahan. Everybody rushes to her. Abir hugs her and kisses her. Mishti says she’s fine.

Meenakshi inquires Kuhu how Mishti fell. Abir asks her why she’s asking Kuhu. Kaushal states that Kuhu was close Mishti. Meenakshi clears that she did not mean to say that she left her fall. Kuhu asks Mishti if she’s ok. She states that she knows everyone believes she’s the person who made Mishti fall because she got complete the property in present on her birthday. She adds that she knows that everybody thinks she’s stupid and jealous but she isn’t a vamp. Jasmeet and Mishti attempt to make her know that nobody believed she left her fall. Kuhu says it is too late and leaves crying.

Abir scolds Meenakshi who asks what she did. Mishti claims that she simply slipped and asks Abir to stop it.
Jasmeet claims that Kuhu’s anger is justified because it was her birthday and everyone forgot her also because Abir was unwell. Mishti states that they did not and in fact they desired Kuhu on midnight and gave her gifts also. Jasmeet scolds her for giving her response like that.

Vishambharnat scolds Jasmeet and asks Shaurya to receive her dwelling.
Mishti apologizes. Vishambharnat says it isn’t her mistake. Nanu asks Vishambharnat to not worry. Abir states that whatever happened shouldn’t have happened because they all know Kuhu can not hurt anybody intentionally. Varsha says that she’s sorry on Kuhu’s behalf because she said that a lot. Abir claims that now Kuhu isn’t their responsibility but Nidhi mami’s. He jokes.

Vishambharnat claims that they will leave now. Abir invites Maheshwaris for the Holi function that will happen tomorrow. All Rajvanshs insists for that. Vishambharnat agrees and then Maheshwaris leave.
Abir asks Mishti if she’s fine. She replies she is and they go inside.

Kuhu is in her area and is crying. She says that nobody cares for her and talks in gibberish. Kunal sits close to her. Kuhu asks Kunal why she isn’t even answering her. Kunal says he is unable to comprehend what she’s saying and asks her to talk properly. Kuhu asks him if he’s making fun of her. Only then Abir comes and contains recorder Kuhu crying. He asks Kuhu to teach him this speech. Kunal asks her to tell her what it means also. Kuhu laughs.

Abir asks Kuhu why she’s angry. Kuhu says that she’s not angry. Abir says that she’s surely upset and he must understand what’s bothering her. Kunal asks her to tell what’s wrong too. Abir claims that tomorrow it is holi and he does not want her and Mishti’s first holi to go bad and asks Kuhu to state what’s wrong. Kuhu states that she did not make Mishti fall and asks why Mishti did not shield her in front of the family then. Abir asks Mishti, who’s standing on doorstep, to reply.

Mishti recalls what Kuhu did with her and is going to fall. Kunal asks her why she’s shivering. Mishti says that she’s feeling tired and leaves. Abir rushes behind her. Kuhu says now they have to understand why she’s upset.

Abir comes in the room and asks Mishti how she’s feeling after losing the challenge. Mishti asks what challenge. Abir reminds her that he kissed her in front of the household. Mishti says that it wasn’t a kiss because he was only worried for her.

Abir says that there’s not any need of any excuse because she’s lost now. Mishti thanks him for lighting up her disposition and apologizes for leaving Kuhu and Kunal’s room like that. Abir states that she does not have to say sorry. He holds her hands and says that last night he did not have her jhumka only and this season he’s both her and the jhumkas.

Mishti recalls their past holi. Abir asks Mishti to remain like this always. Mishti claims that she thought she should apologize to Kuhu because she believed everyone thinks it is her fault. Abir states that she does not have to apologize and he simply tried to illuminate Kuhu’s mood. He asks her if she really believed Kuhu pushed her. Mishti claims she just slipped. Abir informs her about the challenge she dropped but Mishti won’t accept the kiss was for the struggle and challenges him to colour her first in the afternoon.

On the other hand Kuhu messages Jasmeet who asks her to make her family know that she’s not a thing place there but she’s important too. Kunal comes and asks her who she’s gossiping about. Kuhu sits close to him and says she was not gossiping about anyone. She complains about Mishti. Kunal asks her to shut up and starts tickling her. He asks her to stop talking about that. Kuhu begins complaining about Mishti again and Kunal strikes her on sidewalk. “Bekhudi” plays. Kuhu stops instantly and smiles blushing.

The following morning Parul gives instruction to Jugnu for the decoration. Nidhi comes and says that Jugnu is futile. Jugnu becomes angry and is going to depart whining that nobody loves him just then Mishti comes and says that everybody loves him. She throws a plate filled with pink colour towards Jugnu who bends down so the color falls on Nidhi and Parul. Mishti apologizes. Nidhi cares about her make up getting destroyed. Kuhu comes and complains that she does not like holi.

Kaushal and Ketki attempt coloring Mishti but she finds their tentative.
Afterwards Mishti goes to Abir who believes her existence and turns around throwing color but throws it on Ketki because Mishti moves away. Ketki leaves after scolding Abir. The latter seems at Mishti who states it isn’t very easy to color her. Abir says he knows that and that’s the reason it took a year but now she’s colored in his colour from top to toe. He says he will color her in front of everybody and then she will need to kiss him in front of your family.
He grabs colour in a fist. Mishti runs off and Abir chases her.

Kunal and Meenakshi are referring to business. Kunal suggests to provide this job to Kuhu but Meenakshi says that they always give Kuhu plenty of work and now Mishti and Kuhu are arguing too so how she can ask Kuhu. She asks Kunal to fix the battle but he refuses saying that he does not wish to come between them and not Abir can do that. He leaves. Meenakshi believes that her sons will dismiss the fire she’s lightened up between Mishti and Kuhu.

Abir catches Mishti who escapes again after hammering him taking Vishambharnat’s name. Abir starts searching for Mishti again but throws color on Kunal rather than Mishti.

The two begin talking about Kuhu and Mishti. Kunal claims that Kuhu doesn’t need to play holi. Abir claims that everyone wants to play with it instead. He says he can not play holi with such cold vibes happening between Mishti and Kuhu. Kunal asks Abir to not bring him . Abir says they are betweem them since if they’ll be happy the home will be happy also. Kunal agrees.

Maheshwaris come in the Rajvansh Mansion. Mishti and Abir greet Vishambharnat and Rajshri. Abir grabs some colour to throw Mishti but she moves off again and the shade falls on Vishambharnat. Everybody laughs.

Nanu comes wishing happy holi to everybody. Shaurya says he will be the one to colour Mishti first. Mishti accepts. Shaurya is going to use color on Mishti but only then Kunal comes to greet him.

Jasmeet asks about Kuhu. Mishti says that she’s unwell. Jasmeet claims it her first holi so she’ll go to take her. Varsha says that she’ll go. Rajshri says that she’ll come with her also.

Abir and Kunal stand near. Kunal states that he spoke with Ketki and she’s ready. Abir says they are ready too and nobody can stop these sisters to come together. Meenakshi looks on.