Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka : Roshni feels uneasy about Alia and her whereabouts

Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 23rd January 2020 upcoming story on

Episode begins with Sara and chhotu are playing with the little baby. Parveen comes there and asks to let him have some rest. She’s about to take the infant out there to give it to Jinn. Alia comes there on the spot at the moment and she takes the baby back.

Unexpectedly, Baazigar comes there and begins to attack on Alia. Roshni understands that Baazigar isn’t doing all them for no reason, it’s surely to do something about with Alia isn’t being okay. Aman asks Baazigar to remain beyond the home until the time that he welcomes Alia and the baby are in the house.

Roshni claims to Baazigar that you have baaz sense and my Ayana sense is correct and Aman has crap to not think about it.

She entered the house again and Baazigar again assaulted on Alia and Roshni gets amazed with his behavior while Aman asks Baazigar to come with him. Roshni surprised to know that a guy has set Baazigar in a cage just for the sake of Alia.

Alia says sorry to Roshni for causing problems in their usual life all of a sudden and Roshni says nothing to her. Baby and Anjum are playing with the little baby of Aman when Parveen comes to assess if the infant is free or not. She states that don’t understand why I think area isn’t that innocent what she attempts to show herself.

On the other hand, she suddenly noticed her finger is burning because of the lack of the ring and things I want to receive my ring back as soon as possible because if I do not get it back I will need to come in the actual type of me and folks will be able to see I am not a human being. Roshni comes to Rubina and states please find out each for me and mine so I can touch him as a spouse because everyone else can touch him and speak to him, it is only me who isn’t able to do so.

Rubina says Aman also known as me number of occasions just for this and Roshan says he’s becoming desperate to touch me but I have no such intentions to which Rubina begins to laugh. In the morning, Aman is getting ready in his room when roshani noticed him from a corner.

Aman says I’m your own husband so that you don’t have to see me like this. Both of them share a romantic moment in their area without touching each other.

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