Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 28th February 2020 : Roshni donates her kidney to Parveen

Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 28th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

Episode begins with family members want to contact Aman but he’s unreachable. Anjum decides to leave a note for Aman prior to leaving for hospital so that when he comes back home he’ll see the message and will immediately arrive at the hospital.

Chotu writes a note when Locha Pari comes there and begin to asks chotu what he’s doing? I am going to hospital please ensure my uncle notices this message. Locha Pari asks how I will come to understand who’s your uncle?

He states Baazigar will help you out to recognise him. Aman comes back home and noticed that the message written on the paper. He rushes into the hospital and has to know his mom got a kidney donor. Doctor comes out and informs the family that the operation was successful.

Aman tries to meet up with the donor who donated the kidney for Parveen but Doctor says that the donor isn’t really curious to disclose the identity so it’s going to be better if you do not interfere in the personal taste.


Aman claims to the donor from a distance who’s actually Roshni he is indebted for life, whenever in life if you feel the need of anything then please remember that my door will be available for you. He leaves from there and Roshni recalls How Aman threw her out of the home and she cried.

Rubina gets a sign that something is wrong happening in the kitchen. She enters the kitchen and finds out that everything is sprinkled on the ground and that black cat is moving out of the window carrying the core of Kabir which she’d retained under a bowl. She noticed some footprints of a cat and she took the print on a newspaper and put it on the publication of Jinnath. She must know that it’s Kabir who’s back and he’s made a bargain with a few black power ahead of his heart.

Roshni is getting up on the bed and is trying to ask something from the doctor when she noticed that Kabir is standing just behind the doctor. Before she can warn the physician to break free from there Kabir bites the physician on the throat and the physician becomes toxicated.

Roshni is attempting to escape from the hospital but Kabir made nearly all of the staff members a toxicated zombie. Aman richest home from hospital and he noticed that the the servants and employees of the home transforms into to rescue his family members that he applied magic on the exterior of his home so that nobody will have the ability to cross the border and enter the home.

Rubina and Salma reaches Junaid Bhawan to notify them about this threat and they somehow got inside together and Aman locks the door. Roshni manages to go from the hospital but Kabir applies his magic and the team members are still after her.

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