YRKKH Latest Twist: Naira and Vedika fight for love


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The Episode starts with Vedika leaving the scene. Kartik and Naira wake up to see each other. They try to get up but they fall back. Naira gets away and she thinks of Vedika’s words. Everyone is praying. Suwarna dresses little Kairav as Ganpati. Vansh says he was supposed to become Ganpati instead he then dressed Kairav as Ganpati. Kairav says Vansh has prepared the script of the skit. Everyone encourages them and claps. Dadi says Visarjan will happen in the lawn. Everyone starts to dance.

Vedika comes and asks Naira if she is doing all this intentionally? Naira explains her that all this is a misunderstanding. Vedika says she is fed up now of all this mess. Vedika says when Kartik cried for Naira she didn’t wanted to be with him. But when he moved on, Naira returned with his child, on Vedika’s marriage day. Naira didn’t let her bond with Kartik. Naira entered his house and then his room. Kartik married Vedika with his wish. He promised that he would keep her happy. Naira came in between and ruined everything. Naira says Vedika doesn’t understand her situation, she thinks Naira purposely invites problems. Naira says you have to deal with problems.

Kartik dances with Vansh and Kairav and all. Vedika says she is requesting Naira to please leave. Naira says she also requests her to stop misunderstanding her. Vedika says she doesn’t have to understand. Naira says it is not so easy to leave. Vedika says it would be easier for her leaving as she left the family once already. Vedika asks if she thaught that Kartik is being hurt because of her. Naira won’t let his wounds healand that Vedika’s relation with Kartik isn’t forming because of her, can’t Naira notice all this. Naira asks what Vedika means by this.

Kartik and family uphold the Ganpati. Naira asks Vedika to stop all this. Vedika says she is saying the truth does Naira wants to break her relation. Naira asks her again to stop it. Vedika says to Naira to stop it as she is taking kid’s name and fulfilling her motives even though he is fine now but because of Naira’s bad intentions, he may….. Naira shouts at Vedika. Vedika asks Naira to leave. Naira starts to cry, Vedika also cries.

Everyone performs the aarti and take the idol for Visarjan. Vansh says they want to play more. Kairav says he likes fancy dress. Naira asks them then to go and change. Dadi says to give food and prasad to the dhol artists. Samarth says that Bappa will come next year also and we all will celebrate. Naira says except her and Kairav, its time for them to leave now. Everyone looks on to her. Naira says reports are positive and Kairav is fine, so they shall leave now, she is sorry to make this announcement, but she felt the time was right. Dadi says she can’t stay without Kairav.

Manish says there might be some other way. But Naira says there is no other way, they should leave, and then the family member’s lives will get normal. Anyways they will be in the same city. She will stay at Naksh’s house. Kartik says don’t dare to leave …. Naira stops. He says don’t dare to take his child away from him, she can go anywhere she wants, stay anywhere she wants, but Kairav will be with him, she can’t take Kairav away from him. Naira asks how can he, she is his mumand she will decide this. Kartik don’t know anything about Kairav, who will look after Kairav, she suggests to think practically and that its not a joke. Kartik, Naira, Vedika and Kairav can’t stay under same roof, its is wrong. Kartik says he don’t care, he just want his child. Naira says child wants mother and Naira don’t want to hurt Kiarav or else she would have asked Kairav with whom he wants he wants to stay with. Kartik stops Naira again and says he won’t let her go.