Kairav and “Kaira” are bonding as a happy family and Vedika is estranged.

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In today’s episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai we will get to see that Vedika asks the servants in the morning on whereabouts of Kartik. The servant says Kartik is not yet home. Kartik will just arrive at home by then and will say sorry to Vedika. Vedika will say he should have informed her that he is going to meet Kairav at night. Kartik will say I am not sorry for that, I am sorry that I will not be able handle this marriage. I am unable to live without Kairav and for that if required I am ready to bring Naira home. She is free to take her decisions. Vedika will suddenly realise that it was just a day dream.

In the Singhania house, Naira is sitting in the bedroom and Kairav and Kartik are sleeping. Vedika will accuse Naira for lot of things. She has planned all these and she has called Kartik here at Singhania house and that she is playing these dirty games. How can she do this? Nair will close her ears and leave. She will go and woke up Kartik. Kartik will realise that he is at Singhania house and he slept there at night.

Kartik will say that he did came here and to meet his son. Kartik and Naira will argue a bit on that. She will say that everyone is so worried about him and Vedika. Kartik will say that those are his issues and he will handle them she doesn’t need to worry about them. Kairav will fall from his bed and wake up. Everyone is thinking how to scold Kartik when he comes back home. But Manish asks how will they scold him. Kairav insists Kartik for breakfast and that he should not leave the house without breakfast. Badi dadi will ask Naira to get Kairav brush his teeth.

In the meanwhile Vedika is watering plants when Vansh comes in and talks on phone with Kairav about brushing his teeth along with Kartik and Naira. Vedika will listen Vansh saying all these and get tensed. She will get a call from Dr.Pallavi. She will ask her about Kartik and Naira’s divorce. She will tell Vedika that her marriage is illegal. She gets frustrated and leaves the house in the car. Kartik will get a call while having breakfast he will get shocked.
In tomorrow’s episode we will get to see that Kartika and Naira will go for Kairav’s admission in a school.

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