Ziddi Dil Maane Na 12th March 2022 Written Update: Monami learns about Karan’s plan.


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The episode starts with Bhalli shocked seeing the diet food in canteen. He craves for his butter chicken and while passing by he sees Bhatra’s room. He recalls about the pendrive and starts searching it. Sanjana and Faizi comes there and calls Karan to call him to Bhatra’s room. Bhalli got shocked with their sudden entry but immediately sits normal in a chair. He asks if everything is fine when Faizi asks what’s he doing here. Bhalli says that he came to see Bhatra Sir. He says that they need to discuss about the mission. Faizi agrees with him and sits down. Monami brings Sid to Karan’s room and says about him using the eye drop. Sid says about Sanjana’s suspicion at the accident site and finding an eye drop bottle there.

Monami shows him the bottle to Sid and He confirms that it’s the one. Sanjana and Faizi discuss about the motive behind them separating them from Karan. Sanjana still finds something fishy regarding the accident and suspects it to be a part of Dhanu’s plan. Bhalli scolds her and calls it a normal accident. Monami comes there saying that she knows the reason and shows them the eye drop. She says that Karan got into accident as he has some issues with eyes and requests him to get check up done. Bhalli scolds her and asks her to not blabber. He scolds Monami for barging in without permission and scolds her for pestering him with treatment again and again.

Faizi supports Monami but Bhalli shuts him too. Sid takes responsibility for driving Monami there. He gives punishment for both to run uplifting weight. While doing punishment Sid and Monami discuss about how changed Karan is. Faizi and Sanjana were also discussing the same and Faizi says that though he have knows Karan for years, after the accident he feels so unrecognisable. Dilli brings food for Karan and taunts him. Karan asks him about his age but Dilli kept mocking him and is all about self praises.

Karan asks him to remove the ties but Dilli feeds him himself. Bhalli is angry about his close escape and removes and throws away the shoes. Ustad sees it and finds his behaviour strange. He asks Why’s he tensed but Bhalli says its nothing. He sends Ustad away and is ready to blow up out of anger. After feeding Karan, Dilli continues mocking Karan. Karan asks Dilli why he’s with terrorists but Dilli says it’s them who’s wrong and shows his hatred on them. Karan tries to get to learn about the plan from him by provoking him. Dilli is smart enough to not to give in.

Karan says that he would anyhow know about it but Dilli says that it’s not possible as soon Bhalli would finish everyone in the academy. Bhalli washes the jeep and everyone watches it shocked. They are confused about his vibrant behaviour. Monami gets Bhabhi’s call who congratulates her. Monami gets confused and asks the reason. Bhabhi understands that Karan didn’t propose it and tries diverting the topic but Monami urges her to say the truth. Bhabhi says about Karan’s plan to propose her using her mother’s ring. Monami gets extremely happy and shares it with Sid. They rejoice the happy news.

Precap : Karan will speak with Mon in heart to find the truth as she’s his only hope. Monami will set up a date for Karan and will get romantic with Bhalli.

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