Ziddi Dil Maane Na 15th December 2021 Written Update: Karan launches rescue operation.


Ziddi Dil Maane Na 15th December 2021 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Sanjana looks at Lakshmi’s side but both Sanjana and Kiruthiga leaves without seeing her. They go to village head’s house to look at the letter written by Lakshmi to confirm its her hand writing. He gives her the letter but finds that its Lakshmi’s handwriting only. He leaves inside taunting them. Sanjana says that they need to find a way to find Lakshmi. Karan sees Anish mixing alcohol in Monami’s drink and Anish gives it to her. Karan stops Monami saying that her drink is spiked. He asks Anish to answer why he mixed alcohol in her drink. Anish warns him to behave and calls him classless. Karan holds his collar and Monami asks him to leave.

Anish asks Monami to have a sip to find who’s lying. Karan agrees. Monami takes a sip and says that it’s clean. Faizi too takes a sip and says the same. Monami asks Karan what’s his problem and why is he at the back of Anish. She says that he should control his anger. Anish recalls faking to spike the drink to show Karan in bad light and smirks. Karan takes Monami with him and says that she’s trusting on a wrong person. Monami asks what happened to his maturity and what are his intentions. Karan leaves warning her. Monami goes to Anish and Anish says that his friends are throwing another party and asks if she would come with him and adds only if she trusts him. Monami looks at Karan and says she trusts him 100% and leaves with him.

Sanjana is trying to contact a retired officer regarding Lakshmi and says the same to Krithika. Her mother in law comes there and taunts her for thinking about Lakshmi instead of her own marriage. Sanjana asks her not to mention about her friend so casually. Her mother tries handling the situe. Kundan’s mother says that Sanjana need to keep a fast for the marriage. Her parents agree to make sure Sanjana keeps the fast.

Karan is thinking about last night incident and Faizi asks him to forget it. Karan is sure that Anish tried to tarnish his image in front of Karan. They see news about landslide and Karan finds that its the same place where Monami left with Anish. He checks for her in room and finds it that she didn’t return. Sanjana sits in pooja when Kundan’s mother learnt that Kundan is busy in factory. They decide to shift the pooja location to factory and her parents agrees. Karan alerts Faizi for a rescue operation and they reach the spot to find people stuck and ambulance arriving for them. Karan starts rescue operation and keeps calling Monami. He finds her phone lying on floor and gets shocked. He shouts for her name but no response.

Precap : Monami and Anish will be treating patients. Karan will get shocked seeing the id card of a person. Monami will also get shocked seeing it.

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