Ziddi Dil Maane Na 21st May 2022 Written Update: Balli takes stand for Faizi.


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The episode starts with Koel knocking on the door but none opens it. She couldn’t even get network and gets pissed seeing Faizi eating food. She confronts him about it and Faizi says that if Suman ji locked them then she would be there to unlock it in sometime. He asks her to relax and have food. The cadets assemble for training and finds Faizi missing. Suman says Koel didn’t come to room last night and gets worried for her. Ustad calls Koel but it’s not reachable. He calls Faizi and Faizi wakes up. He says about being locked up in the store room. Ustad says that he’s coming there. Faizi thinks that something mixed in the food. He wakes up Koel. Cadets comes there and finds the door unlocked.

They go inside and Faizi says that someone locked them in the room cheating them. Dadi comes there and confronts Koel. She accuses her for spending the night with her love not caring about her son. Faizi asks her to be in her limits and Dadi continues accusing Koel to be a bad example as a mother. Suman warns Dadi and says that she’s someone who closely watched how much Koel cares for her child despite ally the abuses by her son. She adds that if there’s anyone who’s not a good mother then it’s her who didn’t give a proper upbringing to her son. Monami also stands with Koel and Dadi leaves angrily. Koel is frustrated while Suman expresses her doubt on Dadi.

Chitra, Bala and Suman discuss about Faizi and Koel and says about how everyone in the academy badmouthing them. Faizi comes to have food and cadets keep distance from him. Faizi gets upset. Karan witnesses it all and sits near Faizi. Monami, Suman, Chitra and Bala also joins him extending their support for him. Dadi comes there and goes to Param. She says that seeing the condition there she wants to continue staying. She adds that she doesn’t trust Nikhil with Koel. Faizi asks her to not cross her limits. Param warns him to behave. Karan comes there and says that she can’t stay there. Param gets angry and Monami reminds him that he’s Balli again. Balli says that according to rules of academy only cadets and their relatives can stay there and she’s none. Param gets angry at Karan for teaching him rules and gives him plank punishment for a long time. Balli leaves to do it. Monami says that Balli’s way of saying is wrong but not what he said. Ustad also supports Balli. Param doesn’t listen and asks Ustad to double Karan’s punishment if he doesn’t complete and leaves.

Koel cries hugging Nikhil and apologizes for not attending to him for whole night. Nikhil says its fine and asks her not to cry. He says that he feels bad that Dadi and Abhay are troubling her for him but Koel says it’s fine. Karan is still doing the plank when Faizi reduced the punishment. Karan asks him not to offend Param supporting him. Faizi goes to Param and says that he reduced Balli’s punishment. He says that when he first came back he though he’s going to replace Karan in their life. He says that he expected for him to take stand for him which he didn’t but instead punished Balli who took stand for him. He says it would be inhumane of him if he doesn’t help Balli and asks him to suspend him for it if he wants. Before leaving he says that he proved their expectations wrong for thinking him to be Karan’s replacement. Param says that he did change and he no longer cares about country.

Precap : Koel will get registrar post for custody case and will get startled. Koel will meet with Judge who says that he can’t give custody to her husband who has abuse chargers and will ask her not to worry. Dadi will come there.

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