Agnishakshi 2nd March 2023 Written Update: Satvik ties the knot with Jeevika


Agnishakshi 2nd March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Satvik sharing with Jeevika. It’s not a proper wedding. This wedding is a contact one. It won’t last long. We are not able to understand each other in this short period. He loves Supriya and agrees to marry her. He apologizes to her for that. He asks her to understand her situation. He reveals the truth to her. Jeevika’s friend is shocked to hear the truth. She recalls how she sent Jeevika from there and listened to his confession. Satvik says to her that he revealed the truth to her in that letter. He doubted whether she had read it or not? So he is confessing the truth to her again. If she doesn’t agree with this condition, then don’t come to the mandap. He would understand her decision. If she comes to the mandap, then he will understand she is agreeing to his condition. Jeevika’s friend recalls the way she teased Jeevika.

Someone takes Satvik from there. Jeevika’s friends think about what’s going on in Jeevika’s life. She doubts whether she knows the truth or not? If she knew the truth, then why did she agree to marry him? If not, then? Meanwhile, Jeevika prays to god to fulfill her desires. Pallavi asks god to fulfill her wish. Then she would just leave her house. It’s a new beginning for her too. She is on cloud nine. Pallavi pretends she is happy about Jeevika’s new life beginning. But she will miss her too. Sidhi comes there and says to her that she wants to talk with her. Sukanya tells her that she is busy. She will talk with her later. Pallavi notices the tension in her face. She smells something fishy.

Manas is searching for Satvik. Shlok and Rajnandini go there to search for him. Manas tells them he isn’t here. Manas is agitated and calls Supriya to inquire whether Satvik is with her. He is aware it was not her mistake. He was aware of how many years they had been in love. He loved her and determined to love her only. Jeevika’s relatives heard it. Satvik helps Jhanvi to fix her slipper. He advises her not to hurt herself while playing. Manas comes there and informs him that he is searching for him. Meanwhile, Jeevika’s father worries about Jeevika’s future. He thinks that Jeevika was happy with this marriage. She dreamt a lot about this wedding. Later, Satvik asks Manas. Did Jeevika come to Mandap or not?

Jeevika is taking photos. Her friend comes there and questions her if she really wanted to get married to Satvik. She asks her why she is asking her about it? Jeevika’s father thinks that he has to do something. He won’t allow anyone to crush Jeevika’s dream. He wishes to stop the wedding. Relatives are gossiping about Jeevika. Later, Jeevika assures Sidhi that she took this decision after thinking a lot. It’s God’s decision. She won’t deny it. Sukanya takes Jeevika from there. Sidhi thinks, why did she agree to marry him? Is she happy to marry him? Meanwhile, Satvik notices Jeevika coming to Mandap. Wedding rituals start. Jeevika’s father comes there to stop the wedding. Pallavi takes him from there. He confessed the truth to her. Pallavi is shocked about how he found out the truth. He adds that Satvik was in a relationship with someone else. How would he allow someone to ruin Jeevika’s dream?

Sukanya comes there to take him from there. Pallavi informs him that she was aware of this truth. She lies to him that Satvik confessed everything to Jeevika and she was ready to marry him. Satvik ties the knot with Jeevika. Sidhi asks Swara. Is her father feeling better? He isn’t looking happy. Meanwhile, Jeevika’s father shares with Satvik that his daughter’s happiness is important to him. He loves his daughter a lot. He asks him to take care of his daughter. He finishes Kanyadan. Pallavi shares with Rajnandini that she was aware of the truth that Satvik loved Supriya. Satvik takes vows with Jeevika. Rajnandini wishes to reveal the truth to everyone, but Pallavi stops her. She says that everyone will misunderstand if they were betraying them. Rajnandini gives a fitting reply to her.

Episode end

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