Pyaar Ke Saath Vachan Dharam Patnii 2nd March 2023 Written Update: Pratiksha makes up her mind


Pyaar Ke Saath Vachan Dharam Patnii 2nd March 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Beeji asks Randhawas to give respect to get respect. She says that Pratiksha is standing and listening to all the insults quietly as she respects the elders. Kavya opposes Beeji and says that Pratiksha is nothing but greedy. Beeji insults her. Mandeep asks her to not insult her would be daughter in law. Beeji says that Kavya is already insulting her daughter in law. Mandeep says that she does accept Pratiksha as daughter in law. Beeji says it doesn’t matter, she can say the same for Mandeep.

Amardeep opposes her after hearing the comparison. Amaira asks Beeji if she can’t see Kavya’s pain. Beeji asks her to see Pratiksha’s pain. She adds if Ravi abondons her now she will suffer for lifetime. She tells Kavya that she has no problem with her, if Ravi married her she would perform the ritual with her only. She calls Ravi as Kavya’s offender. Mandeep says that she controls the house. Beeji says that she is the head of the family so she will take the call. She goes against everyone and decides to perform Pratiksha’s grahpravesh ritual.

Kavya threatens that she will kill herself if Ravi enters inside the house with Pratiksha. Ravi tries to convince her. Kavya doesn’t listen. Ravi asks her to agree for Beeji’s happiness. Kavya lashes out at Ravi and asks if he will have baby with Pratiksha for the sake of his family’s happiness later. Ravi asks Beeji if they can avoid the rituals and go inside directly. Beeji scolds him and says that these rituals are important. She brings Ravi and Pratiksha outside to perform the ritual. Amardeep asks Mandeep to not worry as these rituals are valueless and Ravi will never accept Pratiksha as his wife.

Ravi sees that Kavya going upstairs. He tries to go behind but Beeji stops him. She performs the grahpravesh ritual of Pratiksha and Ravi. Pratiksha takes Beeji’s blessings. Beeji asks Ravi to join her. They bend down to take her blessings. Their heads collide with each other’s. Beeji asks them to hit each other’s head again in order to avoid further conflicts. They obey her. Hansa mocks Malhar for sleeping in duty time.

Malhar says that he will teach lessons to Ravi and bring Pratiksha back in his life. Hansa makes fun of him. She irks him by saying Pratiksha might entered Ravi’s house by the time and soon she will reach his room where both will celebrate their first night. Malhar gets tensed. Pratiksha enters the house leaving red foot prints behind. Kavya goes to kitchen. She feels dejected and cries her heart out. She breaks the utensils. She says that she can’t see Ravi with the girl who killed her own sister.

She plans to end her life. She finds a knife there and tries to cut her veins again. Amardeep goes to say something to Beeji. Beeji advises him to follow his wife less. She asks Pratiksha to hold on the relationship. She kisses her forehead in order to give her blessings. Ravi looks at Pratiksha. He continues his revenge talks in his mind. Pratiksha thinks that she will give her heart and soul in the marriage and prove herself to be a perfect dharam patni of Ravi. The episode ends.

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