Agnishakshi 5th March 2023 Written Update: Satvik in a tight spot


Agnishakshi 5th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Satvik receiving a call from his office. He informs them that he has to leave for an emergency job. Narayanan says that he shouldn’t work today. He had to finish their wedding rituals. Satvik is adamant about his decision. Rajnandini informs Satvik that Narayanan has booked a famous star hotel to celebrate his honeymoon with Jeevika. Satvik is shocked to hear it and notices Jeevika. She is blushing in return.

Meanwhile, Jeevika’s father is feeling chest pain. Pallavi sends Sukanya to bring water. Pallavi assures him that Jeevika is doing well in her in-law’s house. He inquires her how she is sure about it? She had lied to him that she had been talking with Jeevika since. He wishes to talk with her. Pallavi informs him that Jeevika’s in-laws may misunderstand them if they contact her often. Sukanya shouldn’t have been aware of this matter. She will fall sick.

Meanwhile, Satvik thinks that he is not able to start a life with Jeevika. He says to Narayanan that he can’t celebrate his honeymoon in a hotel. Latha says that he was right. They shouldn’t send newly wed couples out today. Let’s plan to arrange the first night in Satvik’s room. Narayanan agrees with her words. Rajnandini takes Jeevika from there.

Narayanan says to Satvik that Jeevika came to this house, leaving her family behind. It’s his responsibility to take care of her. He hopes that he won’t break his trust. He wishes to see him leading a happy life with Jeevika. Satvik stares at him in guilt. Meanwhile, Jeevika’s father assures Sukanya that he is feeling better now. Sukanya says to Jeevika’s father and he looks nervous. Something is bothering him. Pallavi tells her that he was worried about Jeevika’s future. He is missing her a lot. Sukanya fears that he may learn about Jeevika’s infertile problem.

Pallavi assures her that she didn’t say anything to him. He is just missing her. Later, Rajnandini helps Jeevika to look around the house. She narrates to her about her family tradition. She informs her that Shlok won’t get up early. They have to struggle to wake him up. Shlok assured Jeevika that she had all the rights in this house. No one will mess with her. Rajnandini’s sister says to him that there is no problem if someone messes with Jeevika, but they shouldn’t mess with Rajnandini. She has the remote control of this family. Shlok tells her that she is controlling this family with her love.

Rajnandini takes Jeevika to Satvik’s room. Shlok notices the gift and hides it. Rajnandini notices it and gives the cushion to Jeevika and tells her maybe Satvik has gifted it to her. She asks her if she had planned any surprises for Satvik? She denies it. Rajnandini says to her it’s not a big deal. She can plan something for her. Jeevika tells her that she isn’t used to such things. But she will learn from her. Latha comes there and takes Jeevika from there to finish the rituals. After she leaves, Shlok asks Rajnandini. She is aware Satvik didn’t buy this gift for Jeevika. Then why did she lie to Jeevika?

Rajnandini tells her that she has to lie to her or else she will think that they are hiding something big from her. They shouldn’t break her trust. It’s important to make her feel comfortable. Later, Rajnandini’s sister asks her how Shlok agreed to her words. He isn’t talking back with her. Rajnandini says it’s trust. She plays with them using their trust in her. She will break up this family using their trust in her.

Satvik shares with Manas what Latha arranged for his first night. Manas says that he planned to live with her for 6 months. It seems he isn’t comfortable with staying with her for 6 minutes. He shares his grief with him. Meanwhile, Jeevika thinks about what she will gift Satvik. She opens her luggage and notices the box. She recalls her family and calls Prateep. She gives the list to Prateep but she fails to read the letter. Latha comes there and says that she was busy on the phone. She shouldn’t talk like this after the wedding. Latha takes her to Satvik’s room. She blushes seeing the decorations.

Episode ends

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