Ajooni 3rd March 2023 Written Update: Shikha lies to Rajveer about Ajooni’s affair


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Episode begins with Ravinder points a gun at Harvinder. Rajveer stops him and lies to him that he load the gun. He says that he found the gun in the cupboard and kept on the bed and Ajooni shooted by mistake. Ravinder advices Ajooni to not play with dangerous things. Ajooni apologizes to him. Everyone leaves from there. Rajveer thinks that he know Ajooni shooted deliberately and he want to know why she did that.

Later, Rana calls Ravinder and informs him that Tejinder returned to city. Tejinder breaks the wire of landline and beat Rana up. He says that he can’t forgive Rana for joining hands with Ravinder because his only goal is destroying Ravinder. His men takes Rana from there. Tejinder tells himself that he is Ravinder’s death.

Next day, Rajveer thinks that Ajooni claims herself as his wife but she tries to kill him. He wonders that why Ajooni is doing this and if she is behind his condition. And only one person help him to get answers. He goes to Shikha and notices her handwriting. He recalls the letter which he found in his photo album. Shikha notices him and asks him that what is he doing there. He asks her that what she know about his and Ajooni’s relationship. She tells him that they used to fight a lot but that’s common in between husband and wife. He tells her that Ajooni tried to kill him. She tells him that that’s not possible. He puts points on her neck and says that he identified her handwriting and he know she wrote letter for him. She lies to him that Ajooni is having an affair with a man.

Harsh pours soap water on the floor and informs Shikha that everything is ready. Shikha pretends like working in front of Bebe. Bebe asks her to take rest. She orders Ajooni to do work. Ajooni steps on soap water and she is about to fall but Harsh holds her. Harsh pretends like falling and Ajooni holds him. They thanks each other. Shikha shows that to Rajveer. She thinks that she finish Ajooni’s life.

Later, Rajveer recalls all the recent incidents. He back hugs Ajooni. But Ajooni breaks the hug and asks him that what is he doing. She says that tomorrow is holi and they should sleep. He hugs her again. She asks him to leave her. She tells him that he is behaving weird. He tells her that he know why she is not letting him touch her. He says that he know about her and Harsh’s affair. She asks him to trust his choice. She tells him that Harsh just saved her and Harsh is just a worker for her. And she don’t have proof to prove her innocence.

Episode end.

Precap – Ajooni hope that holi goes well. Harsh makes Rajveer unconscious.

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