Ali Baba Ek Andaz Andekha 17th March 2023 Written Update: Marjina pretends to have gained her memory.


Ali Baba Ek Andaz Andekha 17th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ali and Marjina falling into an underworld. Ali wakes up first and then wakes up Marjina too. Marjina wakes up and
Ali scolds her for not taking his help. Marjina says her head feels heavy and multiple pictures come rushing in her head. Ali asks what she is saying there and Marjina says she’s seeing him in it. Ali gets hope and asks her to continue. Marjina says kids are appearing in her mind and Ali understands that her memory is returning. Marjina falls down shouting.

Alifi and Haidi enter Bhabhi’s house who’s worried sick about them. She lashes out at them for disappearing for two days and there’s no place in Parwaz where she didn’t search them. She asks about the other two. They say that they are scared to meet her. Dadi comes there and Haidi asks Alifi to confirm that she is really their Dadi. Alifi happily greets her and Nafi and Poya get in. Bhabhi is very angry but Dadi asks her to go and make something delicious for the kids. She leaves complaining.

Marjina gains her memories and looks emotional at Ali. She calls his name with affection and Ali gets happy hearing it. They both hug and Marjina says that she finally found the light in the darkness. She asks if this is what he wanted to say. Ali suddenly opens his eyes to find his hands locked. Marjina reveals that she was acting to fool him and says she’s going back to Shezade. Ali reminds her that the people there are happy but Marjina says Shezade is not. She says that she would marry Shezade with her will and free him from the curse.

Ali tries to stop her but in vain. Marjina leaves. Nafi and Poya take Alifi and Haidi in and share with them about the thieves and their hope to get back the talisman using Chote Koswaal. Alifi gets scared and blurts out that Baba’s life is in danger. Poya asks what she is saying. Nafi swears on him to say the truth. Alifi confesses that Chote Koswaal is their Baba. Everyone gets shocked hearing her and asks how it’s possible. Alifi says that it’s because his face is changed. Poya asks why he didn’t say the truth to them. Alifi says that it’s because the forty thieves are at the back of them. They all get happy and emotional.

Alifi warns them to keep it a secret from everyone especially from the thieves. Haidi wonders what the talisman is. Poya says that it’s because the talisman has so much power in it and can make anything possible. Alifi asks how did he knew it and Poya says he found Aki using the talisman but didn’t share it with them. On the other hand, Marjina tries to find a way out while Ali tries to break open the lock. He calls for his sword and the sword reaches his hand. Marjina tries escaping before he could catch her. A headless monster is seen coming towards the cave in a horse. Marjina is about to meet with it when Ali takes her away and asks her to trust him. She leaves with him half hearted.

Precap: A wedding takes place where the bride urges to quicken the process else the devil would be there to ruin it. Just as she said ,the headless monster comes there in his horse and captures the groom. Everyone gets scared

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