Appnapan 19th July 2022 Written Update: Harsh executes his mysterious plan against Pallavi!


Appnapan 19th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Nick dismissing staff and they go. The staff gossips about Pallavi’s character. Shanky comes and eats. Nick asks Shanky what are the staff gossipping about? Shanky jokes while Nick tries to make him serious. Shanky asks Nick to relax and says we have a concall with client. Nick says today I have a call with lawyer. Shanky tries to make Nick think how he is angry about Ranveer issue.

Nick diverts the topic and starts talking about the store room. Nick goes to keep things in store room. Shanky thinks I know your real issue. Pallavi comes to ask about Nick. Shanky says he went. Pallavi says okay, I need to look into inventories. They both end up in store room. Something falls from above on Nick. Nick starts screaming. Pallavi says he is acting when he sees blood from the nose. They both panick and Pallavi tries to do home remedy for his wound. They both have a cute caring moment.

Pallavi asks Nick to go to doctor. Nick says yes I will tell doctor how I got so many wounds that now this small wound is also affecting me. Pallavi says you have hurt me and till now you are, I got to know how you have spread gossips on my character because of that staff of yours who misbehaved with me. Nick says you are blaming everything on me, what is your issue?

Everyone leaves and Nandita asks Shanky about Nick. Shanky says he left. Nandita asks about Pallavi so Shanky says how she went to store room to check the inventory. Shanky goes while Nandita closes the store room and smirks. Inside, Nick and Pallavi fight and they blame each other for everything. Pallavi tries to go out when she realises the door is locked. Pallavi and Nick try to open the door but they are unable to. They get upset to get locked up together.

Here, all the kids leave for dinner. Harsh thinks I hope Nandita has done the work. Nandita thinks now it will be fun in Pallavi’s home. Here, Pallavi starts blaming Nick. Nick again gets irritated. Nani and the kids are in a fancy place. Barkha, Gagan and Badal whisper how Harsh is over acting. Gagan orders all the starters one plate. Harsh orders whiskey. Nani says no at first but then gets convinced. Harsh gets a text so he leaves. Nani notices this.

In the store room, Nick is sweating and feels hot. Pallavi sees it and thinks to help. Pallavi says your bp is still not okay? 180/92. Nick thinks she still remembers. Pallavi asks about his medicines. Nick says I don’t have. Pallavi scolds him for not bringing it. Nick says I am having mote headache. Pallavi brings another home remedy for bp. Nick says I won’t eat. Pallavi hits him on his foot and he screams when she feeds the remedy to him.

Pallavi thinks how the kids will get worried and might feel weird knowing we both are locked. Nick says why? We have been together before. He stops and they look at each other. Pallavi tries to find water. Nick gives her sparkling water. Pallavi says what is this? Nick says some customers like it. Nick forcefully asks Pallavi to have it. Pallavi coughs and drinks it. Nick then thinks this is Vodka, she will soon stop talking.

Here, Ishan comes with Mana’s friend. Gagan and Badal get shocked. Gagan is jealous. Barkha gets upset. Mana calls them to their table. Her friend says we are here on a date. Gagan gets shocked.

Here, Harsh creates a mess in Pallavi’s room and hides something. He thinks now Pallavi will face revenge. In the store room, Pallavi climbs and says I am cleaning spider webs. Nick tries to stop her but she is drunk and behaves different. They both fall.

Barkha is in the washroom and thinks she is not jealous of Amira and Ishan. Sid comes out. They both argue on if it’s ladies or gents washroom. Sid says I am from New York and Mana’s friend. Barkha takes him to the table. Sid behaves very talkative and tries to show interest in Barkha.

Barkha also talks to him with interest. Nani asks Gagan where is he focused. Nani asks him to refill the glass. Barkha whispers to Gagan to help her make Ishan jealous. Badal says where is Harsh? Mana looks on. Harsh gets hold of the legal document and thinks how Pallavi will get affected soon.

Episode ends.

Precap – Mana gets to know about Ranveer’s proposal and runs so Ishan goes to save her. Here, Nick and Pallavi come close.

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