Spy Bahu 20th July 2022 Written Update: Sejal gets nightmare of Yohan being in danger


Spy Bahu 20th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Sejal saying Veera will be donating 70 crore for mission Kashmir against terrorism. Veera feels frustrated but is helpless. Sejal thinks now that she has stepped on snake’s tail they will get attacked back. Veera looks at Yohan and thinks she he got account decoded and made her have a loss. She thinks to do something against Yohan. Sejal thinks she needs to be more protective. Sejal takes care of Drishti. Veera comes and thanks her for making her do such a big charity.

Sejal also acts along with her. Veera asks where is Yohan as she wants to thank him personally. Sejal thinks she shouldn’t tell her but Drishti says that Yohan has gone to meet auditor. Sejal gets worried about his safety. Yohan is shown in a dark place. He lights candle and sees Veera in black saree and she shoots him. This turns out to be Sejal’s nightmare. She panics and runs to find Yohan. Yohan is in hall and she hugs him nervously. He says he is absolutely fine.

Yohan is lying on bed and Sejal comes to take her pillow. He stops her and creates a pillow wall, Yohan tells her to sleep on bed too and tells he won’t cross the boundaries. Sejal tells that she blabbers and kicks in sleep. Yohan laughs it off and tells her he accepts all her conditions. Both of them keep staring at each other and eventually Yohan falls asleep. Sejal is worried about his safety and thinks she cannot leave him alone. At morning, Yohan wakes up first to find his and Sejal hands tied via her dupatta. He thinks when he wants to go close she drifts away and then she does it.

Yohan moves closer to Sejal and uses pillow to block sunlight so that she can sleep peacefully. He is about to kiss her forehead when she wakes up and hurts his nose with her forehead. He teases her she didn’t warn about this. Yohan asks about why their hands are tied. Sejal tells that she had prayed to Ambe Maa for his safety and this is part of her oath and for next 24 hours she won’t open the dupatta. Yohan teases her about having shower together.

Shalini teaches all the servants to spell brand names properly in English. Krish comes and makes her fun by asking her to test her general knowledge. Later Yohan and Sejal are going to office but Veera stops them. She asks about the dupatta and Sejal says its her oath. Veera gives them voucher for club and tells to go with Drishti. Yohan denies as he has important consignment to deliver. Veera thinks she needs to use it for illegal weapons delivery. She tries to convince Yohan but fails. The episode ends with Yohan and Sejal going to office and Sejal thinks she will defeat Sirji.

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