Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 20th June 2022 Written Update: Ishan creates a scene in the engagement party!


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 20th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Vedika showing Ishan the contract paper. Vedika says these are given by Ram. Ishan reads it and says Ram wants me to break my relation with Sara? Vedika says it’s just for precaution, so that Sara doesn’t do anything against what you say. Ishan says okay let me talk to Ram. Vedika panics and says why you want to do that? Ishan says you only said that Ram made these papers then what is the issue. Vedika says this thing is only known by me, you and Ram, now with the occasion going on everyone might doubt if you go and talk to Ram about this. Vedika goes out and Ishan wonders if he should sign the papers.

Ram meets Vedika and asks her what she was doing with Ishan? Vedika says that was Ishan? I was finding Nandini. Ram says she is downstairs.

Ram sees Ishan from far and feels guilty. He leaves from there. Pihu is trying to find washroom when Ishan sees her and asks what she is doing here? Pihu says I am on a secret mission and Priya is also here. Ishan gets surprised.

Here, Nandini tells Vedika about how she is excited about this alliance breaking. Vedika says yes. Nandini says Ram shouldn’t know about the papers. Ram says what I shouldn’t know? Nandini says I was asking Vedika to marry you but she said no again. Ram says she shouldn’t say yes for her own good. Ram goes. Ram starts stress eating. Adi comes to him and says I know you are feeling guilty from inside, I know you Ram. Ram keeps eating. Ram also thinks how cruel I have become and remembers how he made Pihu also cry.

Ram gets hurt by a pin and Priya gets hurt by a pin too. Priya thinks is this a bad sign? Just then Krish asks Priya to come out someone is here. Priya goes. Adi and Brinda talk about not bringing any talk about Priya as Ram is already stressed. Vikrant comes to Ram and asks him to dance. Maitri comes and informs Vikrant that Neeraj’s niece has prepared a dance for you and Sara. They all go.

Everyone watches with Pihu. Ram sees Pihu and is surprised. Vedika is shocked seeing Pihu. Pihu sees Ram and dances hidingly. Here, Priya imagines Ram and gets close to him but then gets out of her dream. Krish comes and offers Priya drinks. Ram goes to bring Ishan. Dance gets over and engagement is about to begin when Ram says I have a gift for you.

Ishan walks to the venu. Vikrant and Sara get shocked. Ram says why are you shocked didn’t you guys tell him? Ishan shows his anger for not telling him and discussing with him. Sara says let’s talk about this later. Ishan says when? After your engagement? I think before engagement is better as after it you won’t have choice. Sara says choice? Ishan says yes you need to select between me or Vikrant. Pihu watches Ram and thinks why he got Ishan here?

Sara and Vikrant is shocked, when Ishan laughs and says you were expecting this behaviour only right? It’s because I have always misunderstood you, but I get your point, Ram taught me this, I was clouded but then a door of hope opened.

Flashback is shown when Ishan went to Priya. Priya gets happy. Ishan goes inside. Priya sees the papers Vedika gave Ishan. Priya is shocked. Priya makes Ishan understand how Sara is not obliged to take his permission and how he should think about Sara. Flashback ends. Ishan says I am not selfish mom. Ram thinks why is Ishan saying this? Nandini gets angry. Ishan says we should never go against love but see our love succeed. Ishan and Sara hug.

Ram thinks Ishan’s thoughts are making me think of Priya, I am sure Priya did it. Here, Krish says cheers to Sara and Vikrant. Priya remembers her promise to Ram for not drinking with anyone else other than him. Priya says I don’t feel like drinking. Suddenly phone rings and Priya picks the video call. Priya and Pihu talk. Pihu says how she got bored and was missing her. Priya and Krish shows the house decorated and her favourite snacks. Pihu says I am coming fast. Vedika is about to peek into the video call but Pihu goes. Vedika wonders who is Pihu talking to.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ram and Priya get stuck in an elevator. They fight on how if they want to stay here.

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