Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 21st November 2022 Written Update: Someone shocking gets to know the truth of Priya!


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 21st November 2022 Written Update On

Episode begins with Vedika asking Priya to face her. Priya sneezes and wears mask saying I have allergies. Vedika asks Priya how did you come to Ram? When you were not in my list. Adi says it was a walk in and you went at the last minute. Vedika says because of Priya I went. Vedika asks Priya to bring coffee for her. Priya says I will only do stuff for Ram and I am his PA. Priya goes. Adi says wow she is so on point. Vedika says I swear she will be kicked out of here. Priya thinks she will not go anywhere, she is here for Ram. Later, during meeting, the client is asking about Sid so Ram says he is a silent partner. Sid comes in and says I am here as an active partner, I am not a silent partner anymore. Vedika pretends shocked. Flashback is shown when Vedika messaged Sid from Lovely’s behalf. Vedika smirks. Sid says you only called me here. Shubham tells Ram, how it’s due to Lovely. Ram takes Lovely outside and scolds her. Ram says Vedika has to go through a lot because you called Sid here. Priya thinks Vedika played it well, now Ram believes Vedika more so I have to do something. Priya apologies to Ram and says I am guilty and I didn’t know. Ram says sure how would you know, but from next time please ask me everything. Priya says yes and goes.

Nandini comes there and says to Ram hoe Vedika was crying how can the PA do this. Vedika is going to meet Priya when a delivery boy is looking for Priya too with a bouquet. Priya thinks I can’t believe I am taking this step, why I am taking all this. Just then Vedika comes and says you should pack your things. Priya says my boss has not fired me yet. Vedika says I am his girlfriend whom he loves the most so he will do what I will tell him. Priya receives a a message from Pihu saying she sent a bouquet for Ram. Priya thinks I have to do this for Pihu and goes to Ram’s cabin The delivery guy bumps with Adi and Adi sees the name on bouquet with a cracker. Adi thinks who is this Lovely? Here, in Ram’s cabin, Priya gets nervous thinking Nandini will recognise her but she doesn’t.

Nandini asks Priya to leave the job as because of her such a big blunder happened. Ram is unable to fire her so Nandini decides to do it on her own. Nandini says you can take advantage of my son but I am his mother and I am strong headed, so you just get out. Nandini says I am firing you, so just go. Priya thinks it’s good atleast I won’t be caught. Ram says no just wait. Nandini says yes write your resignation letter first. Priya says only sir can fire me. Nandini says I am his mother and I am firing you and anyways your contract is not signed so don’t even try to demand for compensation. Priya thinks she already knows everything so I shouldn’t debate much as Nandini might recognise her. Just then Adi enters.

Adi complains to Nandini about Ram not taking medicine. Nandini says first let me fire this PA. Adi says but Ram is more important right. Nandini forcefully agrees and asks Ram to have medicine. Adi tries to divert the topic about medicines. Nandini asks Priya to go out as she is fired. Ram says I have hired her so I will decide on that. Nandini gets shocked. Priya goes when Adi secretly gives Priya a chit. Priya understands that Adi knows the truth maybe. Adi takes Nandini out as well.

Later, Nandini asks Vedika if she called Sid? Nandini says Ram overpowered me and said he is MD. Vedika smiles. Nandini says it’s not funny, I feel Ram is realising how we don’t love him and what happened between them before the accident. Vedika says I don’t feel like that. Nandini says you never feel anything. Vedika says before the PA thing we need to get rid off Sid. Shubham says I talked to Sid now he won’t go away, all because of your foolishness. Vedika says still you needed me, Ram believes only me, I will cry and he will fire that PA. Nandini says we all need each other. Vedika says you need me more. Nandini says oh really, don’t forget Ram trusts you till the time he doesn’t know Sashi is in jail.

Here, Priya apologies to Ram and says Lovely never intentionally hurts anyone. Ram makes comments on Priya’s dressing sense and her weird way of talking. Priya thinks I know Ram is upset as he is unable to blame me for Vedika’s pain. Priya says I know Vedika is hurt, I saw hurt in her eyes when she saw Sid, she must have remembered the pain she went through, I think she needs some time off work to revive. Ram says you are saying this to save your job? Priya says no, you can fire me right now, I just said what I really felt. Ram says it’s okay leave it.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ram and Priya share a moment. Ram comes to Sood house when Ram gets a vision from past.

The episode starts with Ram keep thinking about Lovely and feels calm whenever he feels her presence. He replies and goes back to sleep. He again gets flashes of past. Ram wakes up startled and wonder who it is. Next day, Priya have fun as she searches for her spectacles. Sara feels bad for hiding about her lovely drama from Vikrant. Priya asks her not to feel bad. She finds her mother making lots of food as she picks food for Ram too. Priya reminds her that he don’t remember anything and her mother says that they can atleast give the things which he likes so that it can help him recall his memory. Priya assures to take lunch for Ram and Pihu thinks that she too must help Ram recall his memory.

Ram recalls Lovely and smiles. Nandhini comes there and says that Vedhika is coming there after meeting Sashi. She asks him to help her come out of her stress. Vedhika also comes there at the same time and hears Ram saying that he don’t want to make use the situation. He asks whether he forgot something important as he keep getting flashes but couldn’t understand. Nandhini gets scared when Ram says that he feels upset over something. Vedhika comes there and Ram greets her. He asks her to spend time with Nandhini as she is upset and leaves. Nandhini says Vedhika that the day is not far when Priya’s love again wins over them. She says that they should stop before it happens and the only way for It to happen is to remove Ram’s current pa and hire someone from their side.

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