Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 7th March 2023 Written Update: Manisha shares about his pregnancy with Raghav!


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 7th March 2023 Written Update On

Episode begins with Sid saying Lakhan is right, we shouldn’t delay the wedding as now Josh and Prachi agreed. Everyone gets shocked but Prachi and Josh agree to it. They decide to start the preparations soon. Later, Monika asks Lakhan to be truthful as she is his wife. Monika asks why are you so keen and excited for Prachi’s wedding? Lakhan says Prachi’s wedding is my responsibility so I am happy. Monika says in so many years, I have never seen that love I wanted from you but I have seen that love in your eyes for Avni, don’t lie to me.

Lakhan is silent. Sangeet preparations start so everyone gathers in the hall. A gay dancer comes to teach them dance. Prachi is worried so Raghav and Pihu calm her. Prachi wishes to dance with Lakhan as her dream. To her surprise, Lakhan agrees to dance. The dance teacher says so Lakhan will have to dance with Avni. Everyone goes silent, Sara says that can’t happen. Monika says it’s fine they can dance.

The trainer starts with Prachi and Josh’s dance. To give demo he asks Raghav to accompany him. Raghav gets uncomfortable while Pihu and Angad make fun of him. They record him and laugh. Brinda likes seeing them together. Manisha comes there so Josh becomes nervous. Raghav requests Manisha to join him as he can get rid of the trainer. Manisha agrees. Josh worries thinking Manisha might say something. Raghav makes Angad dance with the gay trainer, Adi worries seeing him get comfortable so Lakhan makes fun of him. Brinda goes to drink water and takes Angad with her and asks her to tell Pihu about his feelings or else she will ask Lakhan for Pihu’s hand and Pihu will feel you are not manning up to your feelings.

Angad says you are after me like anything, let me do it my way please. Angad goes to Pihu. Angad asks Pihu why didn’t she tell him that she likes someone. Pihu says what? You got to know too? Prachi must have told you, I told her not to tell anyone that I like someone and she told you, but I can’t say to whom as I didn’t tell her as well. Angad thinks mom was so sure Pihu likes me but I need to hear from Pihu the name of the person first. Pihu takes Josh aside and says you promised me that we are there for each other and we will have secrets then why did you tell Angad that I like someone? Prachi says I haven’t said anything.

Pihu thinks maybe Angad is suspecting that she likes Raghav. Here, Raghav makes Manisha turn when she feels dizzy so he makes her sit and calls his mom. Manisha feels like vomiting so Raghav takes her to washroom. Here, Angad takes Pihu to a seperate place and asks Pihu to reveal the name as he can’t handle the suspense. Pihu says okay, I can’t believe I am telling you about this, I feel so weird telling you finally. Before Pihu can say anything, Angad says I like you Pihu infact I love you when I spend time with you I feel butterflies in my stomach. Pihu is shocked and goes to washroom. Angad worries and follows her. Manisha comes out from the washroom, Raghav’s mom brings lemonade for her and says I felt like this when I was pregnant with Raghav. Raghav says she is not well and you are saying all this.

Mom says I am saying what I feel. She goes. Raghav says are you okay? Manisha says yes but don’t tell anyone about this I don’t want anyone to worry. Raghav says but is she really pregnant as she can share with him? Manisha is silent so Raghav says oh! Why didn’t you share? Who is the dad? Manisha says I can’t reveal but I can say you all know him well, but please keep it a secret. Manisha goes. Raghav is confused.

Pihu comes and goes to washroom. Angad comes too, Raghav asks if everything is okay? Angad says yes. Raghav leaves. Angad asks Pihu to come out. Pihu comes out and says I don’t feel the same way for you, I love Raghav and sorry if I have ever led you wrongly. Angad says I knew it, I just acted like that to make you confess as I suspected this only. Pihu says thank god, I got scared and went into a guilt trip. Pihu hugs Angad and asks him to get to know about Raghav’s feelings for her. Angad agrees. Pihu goes while Angad cries. Here, Raghav thinks yesterday Manisha was all happy and today this, and there is so much tension sensed between Manisha and Josh, what am I missing? Prachi shows Josh her room and says this was my mom and dad’s room and now it’s ours. Josh says the room has positive vibes and it’s so good to have so many pictures. Josh asks about Ram and Priya. Prachi says they died in an accident, I know them through Pihu only, your parents also knew them, do they ever talk about my mom and dad? Josh looks on.

Episode ends.

Precap – Raghv tells Angad that he has no feelings for Pihu. Pihu hears this and gets sad. Raghav reads messages on Josh’s phone where Manisha says i can’t hide the pregnancy anymore.

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