Balika Vadhu 2 28th March 2022 Written Update: Anand and Anandi resolve their issues.


Balika Vadhu 2 28th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anand having dinner with Bhairavi and Diya joins them too. They spend quality family time together and Diya tells about her feelings towards Raju and Puttu. Both Bhairavi and Anand support her and tells her to only think about her happiness and nothing else. Diya feels happy and even Anand realizes his happiness is with Anandi and he should not fight with her so he leaves to meet her. Anand goes to Anandi’s house and keeps knocking. He realizes the door is locked from outside and Anandi isn’t at home.

Jigar badly keeps punching the punch bag. His friend tries to calm him but he keeps beating it. He tells how all his emotions are related to Anandi and recalls how Anandi asked him to stay away. He feels hurt and punches hard on the bag. Anand goes to office to find Anandi. The watchman tells him that Anandi had left sometime back and was crying. Anand wonders what happened and where can she be. Bhairavi gives Diya glass of milk and she smiles. She tells how Raju had once told her to replace her drinking alcohol habit to drinking milk.

Diya tells Raju isn’t like others but he is so special. Bhairavi tells she is very happy as both her children have found their happiness. Anand comes back home and is worried about Anandi but Bhairavi comforts him. Suddenly he heard door knocking and is surprised to see Anandi at the door. She says finally she reached to Anand and becomes unconscious. Anand gets worried and immediately calls doctor. He regrets arguing with Anandi because of Jigar. He promises himself never to leave Anandi no matter what happens.

Doctor checks Anandi and says she will gain consciousness in a while. Anand tells he won’t leave Anandi alone and keeps talking to her. She finally wakes up and tells Anand he was right about Jigar. Anandi feels guilty of not trusting Anand’s words. Anand comforts her and tells that they will together face all the difficulties. He hugs her and they spend some cozy moments. Raju is tying braids for Puttu and she says wants same style as the doll. Diya comes there and tells she will do it. Diya makes her braids and tells Puttu that she looks like a doll now.

Diya tells Raju and Puttu that she loves spending time with them. She asks if she can become a part of their happy family. Diya also tells Puttu if she will accept her as her mother. Raju feels shy but accepts her proposal. Anandi is working when she suddenly gets surprises from Anandi is form of big teddy, decorations of rose petals. She looks around for him. Anand tells her to close her eyes and follow his instructions to find him. The episode ends with Anandi walking as Anand instructs and finally meets him and they get close.

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