Banni Chow Home Delivery 20th July 2022 Written Update: Vishnu is not able to give reports to Devraj


Banni Chow Home Delivery 20th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with the customers arguing with Banni. A customer comes with her daughter and says she ate her food now what he have to do. Banni says to first join her in the hospital and says whoever ate the police let them join the hospital she will handle medical bill. Banni says she has to go to other customers to tell them. The customers don’t let her thinking she is going to run away. Banni tries to explain but they don’t listen to her.

The servant asks Yuvan to drink the juice. But Yuvan says he doesn’t and throws the tray and the juice falls on him. Manini and Viraj think why is the medicine not working. Manini and Viraj force Yuvan to take off the Sherwani. When they take off Sherwani they see a bandage on his hand. Viraj and Manini ask about it. Yuvan says he doesn’t know. Manini and Viraj ask what is he doing in the washroom. Viraj forces him to tell. Yuvan says he vomited the pill that they gave on Devraj’s saying.

Manini calls Raja and asks what is Banni doing. Raja says she is arguing with customers. Manini says Banni should not come to this marriage. Raja says she will not come. Manini tells to Viraj we cannot give any more pills to him as Devraj knows we are giving him pills. Viraj says today or tomorrow some day it has to come out.

Banni warns the customers and tells them to let her go. Banni gives the reports to Vishnu and tells him to give it to Devraj’s hands only. When Banni goes to her vehicle she sees another letter in the garlands saying from now on there will be garland on Banni Chow’s home delivery.

Manini gives Aarthi to Yuvan and Yuvan asks where is Banni. Yuvan remembers what Viraj warned him. Devraj says he going to find Banni to stop this marriage the report in Banni’s hand is important. Hemanth stops Devraj and asks him where is he going. Manini also sees Devraj leaving and stops him saying he has to do Pooja. Devraj stays thinking he can’t leave Yuvan alone. Manini warns Viraj and Charmi to be careful. Devraj sees that Yuvan is looking for someone and he feels sorry for him.

Vishnu calls Devraj’s phone. Viraj attends it and Vishnu calls Devraj outside. Viraj comes outside and sees that Vishnu is with the report and asks him if he has anything he can tell it to him. Vishnu makes up a reason and tells him he will come later. Viraj orders the guard that Banni and Vishnu should not enter. Viraj tells Manini that Vishnu came and he has to talk with Devraj.

Banni thinks how can she tell all the customers to not eat the food. One customer tells him that his workers ate the food but they didn’t have anything. The mother of the girl also comes they tested and says there is no poison in her good. Banni thanks God.

Banni says she can’t understand in which food the Poison is there and in which it doesn’t. Banni tries Yuvan’s idea. Banni sees the photo and thinks of when it is taken. Vishnu comes and tells her what happened there. Banni says she has to go to Ashram first and then to Yuvan’s marriage. She thinks no one can stop Banni from going to Yuvan’s marriage.

Episode ends.

Precap – The Pandit will ask the bride to wear Varmala on Yuvan. She does it. Manini does the Bandhan between Yuvan and Niyati. Thinks she has won. Banni will go to Ashram and when she is about to go to Yuvan’s marriage Raja stops her and says she will not go anywhere today I am your shadow.

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