Beyhadh 2 11th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist

Beyhadh 2 Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Beyhadh 2 Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Beyhadh 2 11th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

Maya Asking Ananya Not To Dare Be Friends With Her Rudra Anu Calls Rudra And Tells Him That Maya Suspected Anu Had Ulterior Motive Behind Her Sudden Friendship With Rudy Rudy Makes A Joke Over It . Anu Says Aya Had Said Rudy Needed His Very Best Buddy So She Befriended Rudy.

Anu Leaves Thanking Her For Tasty Cup Cake . .The Others Leave Too . Study Sees Them Off Maya Is Left Fuming With Fury At Adi And Anu’s Attitude .
At Roy Mansion Antara Is Thankfully And Confidently Demanding MJ’s Signature About The Papers Along With 50% Share Of His Possessions .She Sits In His Lap And Teases MJ
MJ Recollects What A Scared Woman She Was And Is Shocked To Find This Transformed Women.So Confident.

Antara Demands Her Rights N Shares . Fights Off MJ As He Tries Require Torture Her. She Threatens To Share Few Keys N Records With Police N Rudra As MJ Pulls Her Her Hair Antara Recollects Maya’s Advise Time Fight Her Torturer N Not Give Him Chance To Grow .She Warns Of Dire Consequences She Orders Him To Leave Their Room As She Wanted To Independent Of Him .At Maya’s House She’s Angrily Cleaning The Kitchen Knife Recollecting Anu Relishing The Cup Cake.

Rajiv Remarks She Wasn’t Fixing The Cream But Preparing Of Murder .Maya Asks Rajiv To Keep Away from Aditya Rajiv Come,Ain’t Maya’s Love Was Love Whereas His Love Was Nothing .She Glares At Him Rajiv Subsequently Informs A Fantastic News Antara Had Done Exactly As Maya’d Brain Washed Her.

Maya Declares The Bheegi Billi Had Transformed Into A Lioness The Doorbell Does As And MJ Replies It To His Surprise It’s A Cane Basket With A Note .With Love From Maya Lhe Hears The Meawing Of A Cat Shortly A Black Cat Jumps Out.

MJ Is A Ken A Back Maya Calls MJ N Greets Him On Getting Her Present .He Loved Cats The Wild Ones .This One Had Learnt To Scratch Too MJ Gets Scratched From The Black Cat .At Maya House .Rudy Asks Maya To Join Him In Bedroom As It Was Getting Late.

Maya Goes There And Pulls Away The Special Pillow Anu Gave Him She Says She Would Not Need It. Rudy Feel Bad That He Couldn’t Enjoy The Cup Cake Maya Says She’d Able It For Him But It’s OK If His Very Best Friend Enjoyed It.

MayRa Smart Pillow Fight And Maya Fakes A Pillow Fight And Purposely Makes Sure Anu’s Gifted Pillow Is Torn Into Pieces Maya Subsequently Fakes Apology And Assures She Will Find An Identical New One. Requests Him Not To Tell Anu As She’d Feel Hurt She Got It With Up To Love For Him At Roy Mansion MJ Is Informed His Pet Dog Suktan Had Not Eaten Since Morning MJ Smirks That Sultan Loved Gifts

Maya Enters Office Is Taken A Back By A Very Familiar Perfume .

Antara States She’d Asked Him To Take His Matters From Thebedroo But He Would Not. So She’d Given His Matters Tk Yash Sudhir Calls MJ And Informs Antara Has Got Raunchy Pics Of Hers On A Dating Site She had been Seeking Dating Partners She’d Contacted Sudhir MJ Fumes With Fury.

Maya Enters In The Workplace. Ananya Tells Her That Rudra Is Busy At A Meeting. Maya Says That She’s There For Her And Has Brought Cupcakes For Her Since She’d Liked The Last Night One So Much. She Gives You One To Ananya Who Looks At Her Confused.