Beyhadh 2 6th February: Maya Falls In MJ’s Love

Beyhadh 2 Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Beyhadh 2 Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Beyhadh 2 6th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

Maya continues writing about her past in her journal that on first day of her job in MJ’s business, MJ did not even look at her, but he had been eyeing on her. Her mother over telephone insists her to return home as individuals may take advantage of her innocence.

Maya says she’ll call her before leaving office. She sees flowers on her desk and MJ looking at her out of his cottage, reminiscing her mother’s words returns them to MJ and says she does not know what he knows about her, she knows he’s a celebrity and was after her whole day. MJ asks if she does not like flowers, Manvi.

Maya selections card and says he should have invited her for dinner or coffee. He says its a welcome note for his every new worker and she ought to read it before alleging him. She apologizes leaves and him seeing him watching TV. She receives a call from her mother that her daddy met with an accident.

MJ asks her to inform hospital name, her father is going to be taken care of nicely. Maya reaches hospital and goes to reception to pay invoices. Receptionist says MJ paid all invoices. Mother asks who’s her boss to pay their invoices. Maya sees MJ and asks him why did he pay invoices. He asks to read his contract that his company deals with his workers’ needs well and delivers one-liver.

From flashback, Maya reminisces delivering identical conversation to Rudra and believes MJ made her like him. Back into flashback, Maya apologizes MJ for misunderstanding him and informs her mother that her boss is a wonderful man and he followed company rules. The following day, Maya continues working in office until 1 a.m. and discovering MJ still in his cottage walks in and sees him with slit wrist and blood oozing out of his wrist.

MJ says he won’t die easily as he attempted many times to suicide, revealing cut marks on his wrists, and states his wife loves someone else and has many affairshe tolerated his wife’s affairs for ten years, he tries his best to forget, but he fails. He holds her hands and yells and then acts as apologizing.

From flashback, Maya thinks initial step of betrayal is trust and she utilized same measure to kill wrist, she utilized MJ’s suggestion on Rishi and murdered him. Back into flashback, Maya reminisces next day MJ sending her bouquet again with a note thanking her for helping him forget his sorrows. She walks into MJ’s cottage and states sharing someone’s sorrows isn’t favor.

MJ asks her to call him MJ because he’s her friend today, shakes hands and says he’s taking divorce from his wife for her. She asks what. . He states after talking to her, he realized he can’t continue his forced relationship and should have taken it long ago. He asks her not to tell anyone whatever he advised about Antara as she’s girl and mother/wife later. Maya thanks him for flowers and leaves.

Maya drops in MJ’s love gradually. Tumhe Apna Banane Ka… plays in the background. He offers her written publication. She gladly hugs him and then becoming conscious tells him that its wrong as he’s married. He says she’s his type woman whom he would like to marry, he’s divorcing Antara and Manvi will be his family later on. Maya says nobody will accept their relationship. He says he does not care and asks her to accept him. She gets intimate with him. From flashback, MJ enters her room and tears her newspapers.