Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 28th July 2022 Written Update: Indu gets upset by her colleagues gossips about Ritesh


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 28th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with the kids plays and Zoon from her place guides them. The kid catches Nikhil. Nikhil refuses to accept the kid saying that he isn’t out. Zoon tells the kids that Nikhil is lying. Nikhil argues with Zoon. He then tells Zoon that she and all her favorite people are cheaters. He also says that his father told him that her favorite Ritesh is a bad boy and he should be behind the bars. Zoon warns him not to say anything against Ritesh and tells Ritesh is a good boy. Nikhil leaves the place. Zoon cries and tells Ritesh is a good boy. In Malhotra mansion Pankaj asks someone on the call how could they cancel Ritesh’s film from telecasting.

Rahul on the other line tells someone on the call that he doesn’t know but they have to control this situation. Kaamna sees the reporters are waiting outside their house. She then goes to Ritesh and the latter asks him is Shakuntala know about this. Kaamna tells him she is in her room only so she dont think that she is aware about all this. Other side Payal shows the news to Indu. Indu tells her the way Ritesh treated Zoon in the party she dont think he will do drugs and all. She also tells that she is worried about her daughter Zoon and hopes Zoon didn’t see any of these news which may upset her.

Ritesh decides to go inside but Mr.Ajay and team who is from drug department enters the house. Ajay tells Ritesh that they saw his video and they want him to go through a drug test. The family members gets shocked. They all tells the officers to believe that Ritesh never do such things. Pankaj tells the officers to wait until their lawyer comes though.

Ritesh calms down his family members and tells them that he didn’t made any mistake so he will go with the officers first then asks Pankaj to come with their lawyer. Other side Zoon cries and tells Anjali that Ritesh is a good boy. Anjali tries to console her by telling her that they can have her favorite food but the latter refuses. Anjali gets worried.

Payal shows the news video to Indu. Indu tells Payal the people are crazy and so the media who are making things more complicated everything for Ritesh without even knowing the truth. She then tells that she worries about Zoon as she can’t tolerate all these. The officers takes Ritesh out of his house. The media questions him for how long he is taking drugs and conducting drugs party in his house. They also asks him who is supplying drugs and demands Ritesh to answer them because he is responsible to do it.

Ritesh gets into the car with the officers and leaves the place sadly. Zoon tells Anjali about the promise Ritesh made her to find her her father and says she wants to tell everyone that Ritesh is a good boy. Anjali tells her that they will make a paper mic and tell the world Ritesh is a good boy. Zoon gets happy and agrees to Anjali’s idea. Anjali then receives a call from Indu and assures her everything is going smooth till now. Indu gets annoyed by the way her colleagues bad mouthing about Ritesh.

Susheel comes there to get a signature for a new bike registration. He asks Indu’s opinion about Ritesh’s drug case conspiracy. Indu points at the papers and tells him the owner of the vehicle’s sign is not in the paper. Susheel apologises and takes the file from her. In Raina’s house Anjali makes Zoon to watch the video how to make a paper mic and tells her that she will go and bring papers to make it. Zoon agrees. Indu asks her colleagues to stop gossiping about Ritesh and concentrate on their work but they refuses.

Ritesh reaches the office with the drug department team by his side. Other side the reporter who was sent to take an interview about Ritesh will be asked to cancel publishing it as their CEO don’t want Ritesh’s story to get published. In Malhotra’s house the nanny brings Shakuntala to the living room. Kaamna assures her that everything will be alright. Pankaj asks the nurse to take her inside. Dolly and Deep prays to God to save Ritesh from these allegations.

The waiter in the party enters Indu’s office and ask the agent Susheel to hurry up the process of registering his bike because he wants to leave the city soon. Indu scolds the waiter and sends him away. Zoon gets happy with the mic they made. Anjali asks Zoon to wait until she returns then goes inside to talk to someone on the call. Zoon goes to Rajender and asks him to take her to Ritesh’s house but the latter is busy in his phone so she goes to Sunita and asks her to take her to Ritesh’s house. Sunita in her sleep asks her to do whatever she wants so Zoon decides to go to Ritesh’s house by herself.

Rahul informs the Malhotra’s that his drug report comes out negative. Pankaj says they dont have to worry because Ritesh’s report will come out negative only. The officer comes out and tells Rahul the drug report of Ritesh comes out positive shocking the Malhotra’s. Sameer thinks to himself that this is house he will take revenge on his enemies.

Vivek enters Indu’s office and complains about his boss asking him more details about Ritesh’s party and threatens to fire him from the job if he don’t give him the details. Indu tells that she dont think Ritesh will do drugs and she strongly believes someone is behind all this. Vivek tells her it’s not a film though. Zoon in a heavy rain walks alone in the road holding a paper mic in her hand and tells herself that she will tell Ritesh that he is a good boy.

Precap: Rahul informs the Malhotra’s the cops are here to arrest Ritesh shocking everyone. Ritesh gets shocked when the cops takes him with them. Other side the Raina’s searches for Zoon and when they failed to find her inform the same to Indu who gets shocked and worried.

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