Choti Sardarni 18th January 2022 Written Update: Guruji gives the third task to Seher


Choti Sardarni 18th January 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Seher reaches the resort. Mithali’s father calls an ambulance but no response from other side. He says that he already informed staff that his daughter is allergic to peanut still they put peanut in her food. Seher apologizes to him. He says that he should not have come here. She asks him to let her treat Mithali first. She performs first aid to Mithali. Doctor comes there and praises Seher. He orders them to admit Mithali to hospital. They takes Mithali from there. Seher asks Mrs Balla to send hospital bill to her.

After some time, Mrs. Balla tells Harleen that now just Devika and Amrin left for Param and he has to select one girl between them. Harleen tells her family that swayamvar should not stop. Kulwant says that she is not understanding that first Neha left and now Mithali. Karan asks about Rajveer. Kulwant tells him that Rajveer went to temple.

Seher thinks that she has to visit Guruji with 8 purple grains. Kulwant asks her to get ready fast to visit Guruji. Seher tells her that what happened with purple grains. She says that Guruji won’t help her if she don’t take purple grains with her then. They goes to search the purple grains and they prays to God. Seher finds 8 purple grains and collects it. Then she thanks God. Kulwant asks her to keep them safely now and she will accompany her to visit Guruji. Seher hopes that Guruji will agree to treat Rajveer. Kulwant calls Ranna and Bittu. Seher tells Ranna and Bittu to make sure that Param and Karan doesn’t fight with each other. Ranna asks her to not worry.

Later, Guruji scolds Seher for coming late. She tries to say something but he refuses to listen her and says that he won’t treat Rajveer. Kulwant tells him that he also knows that how much Seher worked hard for Rajveer. She informs him that Seher went to save a girl’s life that’s why she came late. She says that he is their last hope and pleads him to help them.

Harleen asks staff to start the preparations to welcome guests. She compliments Param. She tells him that Devika likes him and he should take extra care of her. Girls and their parents comes there. Devika says that she knows that today is last day. But she wants to know about the bonding Karan and Param sharing with their family. She suggests to play kite flying to know about it. Bittu and Ranna praises her idea. Harleen asks Mrs. Balla to prepare for competition. Bittu and Ranna says that they will do it.

Guruji asks Seher to put those purple grains in the fire like she put the leaf. Kulwant asks him that how can he ask Seher to do this. Seher says that she trust Guruji and she puts those purple grains in the fire. Everyone gathers for kite flying. Harleen wonders that where is Kulwant and Seher. Guruji throws his ring in the fire and asks Seher to get it. Seher recalls that how Rajveer said that he trust her and she tries to take Guruji’s ring. Kulwant gets worried about Seher.

Episode ends.

Precap – Seher tells Guruji that she will do whatever he wants her to do.

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