Dheere Dheere Se 6th March 2023 Written Update: Bhanu threatens Bhawana’s lawyer


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The episode starts with Bhawana and Aanchal prays to God. Aanchal asks Bhawana what she is going to do in court. Bhawana tells outside the court there’ll be lawyer’s so she will convince a lawyer to take her case for one day. Brij Mohan arrives there. He asks Gaurav to prepare well for today’s hearing. Gaurav nods. Bhawana and Aanchal decides to leave the house. Brij Mohan notices them and asks Savita to clean the servant room after it gets vacated. Savita obliges. In the court Bhawana convinces a lawyer to handle her Barsati case hearing for one day and agrees to pay him five thousand. The lawyer agrees. Bhawana leaves to check her hearing time. Bhanu arrives and threatens the lawyer. The lawyer agrees to Bhanu.

Brij Mohan insults Bhanu for stooping so low. Bhanu accuses him for framing him in a false allegations. He then asks Brij Mohan to check with the cops and get to know it’s not him but the builder attempt to kill Raghav. Brij Mohan leaves. Bhawana arrives there. The lawyer refuses to take her case then leaves. Bhanu laughs at her and tells her that she is the reason behind Abhishek’s wedding being called off so he won’t let her get Barsati for sure then leaves. Bhawana gets hurt and sad.

Bhawana arrives at the court room for her hearing. The judge arrives there and asks Bhawana about her lawyer when the latter remains silent he scolds her for wasting everyone’s time. Raghav arrives there and introduces himself as Bhawana’s lawyer which shocks both Bhawana and Gaurav. Meanwhile Brij Mohan instructs the inspector to not to spare the builder for harming Raghav. He then learns from one of the lawyer that Raghav is here for Barsati case. He rushes to the court room. The judge asks whether Raghav is telling the truth to Bhawana.

Bhawana hesitates seeing Brij Mohan but Raghav encourages her so Bhawana nods yes to the judge and gives her case file to Raghav. Brij Mohan looks upset. Bhanu arrived and gets shocked seeing Raghav and worries what will happen next. The judge asks to start the hearing. Gaurav tells the judge the Barsati case belongs to Vikas also and they have the agreement with him. Raghav with the judge’s permission check the paper and suggests to do a lab test because the paper is only 3 or 4 years old but the Barsati built 15 years back. Gaurav becomes helpless.

Raghav tells the judge about Deepak’s sudden demise who is none other than Bhawana’s husband also Barsati belongs to Deepak along with his two other brother’s also how Vikas took advantage of the Shastri’s good will to stay in their house and says Vikas didn’t pay any rent for the stay till the day he started residing there. Bhanu opposes and says Vikas paid rent. Judge calls him in the confession box. Bhanu obliges and introduces himself and opposes Raghav’s statement against Vikas. Raghav asks proof. He then requests the judge to allow him to find Bhanu’s statement is true or not. Gaurav opposes but the Judge gives permission.

Raghav asks both Bhanu and Vikas to write it down in a paper how much Vikas pays rent. They both writes different amount. Raghav tells the judge about the Shastri family’s internal conflict hence Bhanu is going against Bhawana but asks the judge to give the verdict in favor of Bhawana. Gaurav seeks the judge to give another date for hearing. Raghav tells already this case was happening so many years so asks the judge to give verdict and requests to give in favor of Bhawana. The judge gives verdict in favor of Bhawana which makes the latter emotional whereas Gaurav Brij Mohan Vikas and Bhanu gets upset.

Precap: Brij Mohan throws Bhawana’s things outside and insults her by asking her to find another men to trap. Aanchal arrives there. Bhanu asks Bhawana to never thinks to return to the house. Both the Shastri’s and Srivastav’s closes their house door.

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